7 CommerceNext Sessions We’re Most Excited About

Lily AI team will be on stage at CommerceNext as well as hosting meetings at our Kiosk #113! We invite you to stop by, or even better, book a meeting with us here!

Lily AI team will be on stage at CommerceNext as well as hosting meetings at our Kiosk #113! We invite you to stop by, or even better, book a meeting with us here!

Beyond our kiosk presence, there is so much to be excited about, as the top marketing, e-commerce, and retail leaders gather in New York to shape the industry’s future. Because there is so much to look forward to at the show, we’ve listed our top 7 sessions and speakers we’re most excited to see. 

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The 7 CommerceNext Events We’re Most Excited to See

1) Results Your CFO Can Believe In: How Tapestry is Winning With AI

Of course, we are super excited for our joint session with representation from Lily AI’s customer Tapestry! Our President Ahmed Naiem will be joined by Mandeep Bhatia, Tapestry’s Vice President of Global Digital Product & Omnichannel Innovation. 

Mandeep’s experience in innovating, simplifying, and elevating onsite and omnichannel experiences for customers across Tapestry brands—Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman—will blend perfectly with Ahmed’s work in leading Lily AI to build customer-centric, experience-enhancing, and revenue-driving AI solutions for retailers. In their session, the two will discuss how AI provides revenue-driving results that even your CFO can believe in, highlighting examples of Tapestry’s success with Lily AI. 

The session is on Tuesday, June 11 from 2:45-3:05 p.m., on Track A’s Third Floor of the New York Hilton Midtown.

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2) J. Crew’s Keynote: Bridging Gaps for Digital Success

Ahh, how time flies! Though it feels like just yesterday, our Co-Founder & CEO Purva Gupta presented with J .Crew’s Chief Technology Officer, Danielle Schmelkin at last year’s CommerceNext. So we’re extra thrilled to see J. Crew return to the CommerceNext stage for a keynote presentation!  

In this year’s session, we’ll learn J. Crew Group bridges gaps between technology investments and marketing strategies. Their CMO Derek Yarbrough will discuss how his teams leverage digital tools and data analytics to enhance customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

3) SHEIN’s Closing Keynote On Keeping Up With Trends

Lily AI’s team of fashion and beauty experts are on top of the latest macro- and micro-trends, helping retailers capitalize on them more quickly than ever. SHEIN is famous for their ability to stay on top of trends too, and that’s why we’re looking forward to their closing keynote. 

In his session, their Head of Strategic Communications, Peter Pernot-Day, will dive into how SHEIN continues to evolve to ensure it offers shoppers what they want, exactly when they want it.

4) Walmart’s Strategy to Attract the Next Generation of Shoppers

Gen Z. We know of them. We try to understand their interests. And we need to sell to them. Walmart has figured this out, especially within their fashion offerings. 

In her session, EVP Fashion at Walmart US, Denise Incandela, and Ken Pilot will delve into the innovative strategies behind Walmart’s fashion business. They’ll discuss Walmart’s evolving customer experience, strategies behind assortment planning, and how their brand is changing its perception within the fashion retail space. 

 5) Ulta’s Evolving Guest Experience, Powered by AI

Generative AI is a watershed moment for ecommerce, allowing retailers to more effectively and efficiently reach customers where they are, in the ways they want to be communicated with. Ulta Beauty is leading the way in enhancing customer experiences by way of generative AI. 

In her session, Michelle Pacynski, VP of Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty will dive into AI-enhanced experiences from the world’s biggest retailers, while providing actionable steps into how you can get started building better experiences too.

 6) Wayfair and Fresh Clean Threads on Hyper-Personalization

“Personalization” has been the name of the game for a while now, but with the ushering in of AI, the retail world can get soooo much more personal.

In their keynote, speakers from both Wayfair and Fresh Clean Threads will dive into how AI-powered pattern recognition identifies trends and preferences, revolutionizing what personalized experiences look like for ecommerce shoppers. They’ll cover how to assess which AI solutions best meet your brand’s needs, then discuss how to make the most of them at the intersection of marketing, sales, and CX.

 7) TikTok On How To Transform Your Product Discovery

Who hasn’t ordered something from a social ad? Very few of us! In fact, eMarketer reports that 60.9% of consumers have made a purchase after discovering a product on social media. And over the last few years, TikTok Shop has been booming! 

In her breakout session on Day 3 of CommerceNext, Sherry Shi, the Head of Fashion Category on TikTok Shop, will go all-in on today’s most social—and fun—way to get your brand in front of potential customers. TikTok Shop prides itself on being “a completely personalized commerce solution, where sellers authentically connect with creators and communities to drive meaningful shopping experiences.” We’re excited to hear how they’re evolving product recommendations on a social level!

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