Lily AI Pricing

We have pricing packages that enable e-commerce retailers and brands of all sizes to rapidly address their most pressing needs – from product discovery to site search to recommendations to demand forecasting, all without having to rip & replace anything. Contact our team for a quote today!

Lily Foundation

Build a strong product digitization foundation with AI-generated product attribution that enables enhanced site search, filters & facets, rapid product onboarding and more.

  • pricing plan featureCore merchandising-centric product taxonomy
  • pricing plan featureEnriched filters and facets
  • pricing plan featureTaxonomy mapping
  • pricing plan featureSearch impact analysis and actionable insights
  • pricing plan featureDomain team consultation during onboarding
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Lily Enterprise

Extensive customer-centered product attribution to power multiple use cases and the entire e-commerce stack, helping brands boost search revenue, personalization and SEO/SEM.

  • pricing plan featureEverything in Lily Foundation, as well as:
  • pricing plan featureFull customer-centered product taxonomy
  • pricing plan featureEnhanced personalization
  • pricing plan featureDedicated Customer Success Manager
  • pricing plan featureQuarterly Trend Analysis from Lily AI's core trends team
  • pricing plan featureSupport for customizations
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Lily Demand Intelligence

Improve demand forecasting accuracy with proxy products and insight into the why behind customer preferences, helping to increase full-margin sales and decrease markdowns.

  • pricing plan featureCore merchandising-centric product taxonomy
  • pricing plan featureProxy products: historical catalog visual similarity analysis, along with merchandising recommendations
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All Lily AI packages include the following:

Support for the use cases that truly matter for your retail e-commerce business, including augmented site search, filters and facets, third-party recommendations and demand forecasting. Each Lily AI plan includes dashboards for search term impact analysis, along with insights available in the Lily web application.


We also include a robust onboarding and industry expertise consultation program for all plans, with industry experts by your side for model development and training.

Learn more about how to instantly inject the language of the customer across your existing retail stack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which plan is right for my business?faqs
    • The problems you’re looking to solve, as well as your overall SKU count and technology maturity, will help drive which plan works best for your business.


      Lily Foundation is typically best for medium-to-large companies looking to improve the product digitization process, as well as basic site search and discovery capabilities.


      Lily Enterprise is an even more robust product attribution solution that provides extensive shopper-centric attributes to help boost search revenue, personalization and SEO/SEM.


      Lily Demand Intelligence is for demand forecasting and merchandise planning teams looking to improve demand prediction while helping to increase full-margin sales and decrease markdowns.


      We’re happy to help explain the differences to see which might work best for you and your team.

  • What types of businesses use Lily AI?faqs
    • Lily AI works with global brands, retailers and industry leaders of many sizes such as Bloomingdale’s, The Gap, Macy’s, thredUP, VF Corporation, Backcountry, JOOR and more. We help them inject robust product attribute data into their existing e-commerce stacks, which dramatically improves their on-site search, personalized product discovery, recommendations and demand forecasting, unlocking millions in new revenues.

  • What kind of results do Lily AI customers see?faqs
    • Because Lily AI allows retail e-commerce brands to start speaking in a language of customers, rather than merchants, the impact is exceptionally strong at every stage of the retail chain, from item set-up through SEO/SEM, on-site search, personalization and demand forecasting. Our customers typically see millions in top- and bottom-line impact. 


      Key measurements include, among others: increases in on-site conversion; increase in forecast accuracy; boosts in site engagement as well as an increase in average revenue per visitor. Our Customer Stories page provides some great examples.

  • Will Lily AI work with my existing PIM and search vendors?faqs
    • Lily AI has been built to be “tech-agnostic”, and makes any existing e-commerce stack better. There’s no need to rip & replace anything. Lily AI sends robust product and consumer data to all destination systems in the retail stack. Having a centralized PIM that can save our robust product attribution is beneficial, as is having an existing e-commerce search vendor that can now return much more relevant search results. 

  • What is a domain team consultation?faqs
    • Lily AI has a team of domain experts with extensive backgrounds in fashion, home, beauty, technology and retailing who work closely with our customers to build and extend their product taxonomies, all with an eye to ensuring that our customers’ needs and objectives are well-understood and ready to be met.


      This in-house team and their expansive range of backgrounds and experiences truly allows Lily AI customers to have a source of experts right at their door, and a consultation or consultations with them are a standard part of each package.

  • What is the Lily AI core trends team?faqs
    • For Lily AI customers on the Enterprise plan, we provide a quarterly look at industry trends and changes, all of which can greatly impact how products can and should be attributed to maximize discovery and sell-through. We have a team of domain experts with extensive backgrounds in fashion, home, beauty, technology and retailing who provide customized trend reports every 3 months to Lily Enterprise customers.