Brands that think like their customers will create the future of commerce.

Lily AI seamlessly injects customer-centric product attributes into Google Search, site search engines, recommendation systems, and more to drive exponential lifts in traffic, conversion, revenue, and brand loyalty.

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Hand holding a floral dress attributed by Lily AI and their product intelligence - Product Attribution.
Sofa - Product Attribution

Learn how thredUP increased sell-through by 15%

  • 275,000+ images tagged per week
  • 2%+ conversion rate lift for customers who’ve purchased >2 times
  • 2.8%+ conversion rate lift on iOS
  • Favorites per user increased by 2.1%
  • Co-development of innovative “Thrift The Look” shopping experience
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Pure AI isn’t enough. Let industry expert-defined product taxonomies delight your customers.

Even the most well-crafted automation solution will often miss important details that shoppers actually care about. The depth of Lily AI’s product taxonomy is driven by a dedicated in-house domain experts team that bring deep backgrounds in fashion, home, beauty, technology and retailing, and who are experts in helping retailers and brands control product accuracy and depth.

Group of smiling women online shopping together - Product Attribution.

Maximize Existing Investments.

Lily AI’s flexible, developer-friendly real time and batch API help the e-commerce investments that brands have already made become even more powerful. Product Attribution now becomes a secret weapon to boost Google Search, site searchrecommendations, demand forecasting, and more.

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Retailer’s Guide: 7 Ways to Elevate the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Product Attribution

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