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Add exceptional depth to your home product catalog, and drive the traffic, conversion and revenues you’re looking for.

Home brands can now easily manage a customer-centered language of product attributes that supercharges the entire commerce ecosystem, from on-site search to SEO to product recommendations.

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From soft furnishings to dining to decor, Lily AI is changing how home brands use enriched product data to drive new revenues.

We work with home industry leaders to ensure that the language of their customers informs and enhances every point in their commerce ecosystem. We unlock new revenues and boost customer satisfaction by providing a depth and scale of product attribution that no other solution can match. 

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A lack of customer-centered product attribution data has compounding negative effects across the retail value chain.

That’s why Lily AI connects your customers with what they’re really looking for. Drive rapid product onboarding and eliminate days of manual work. Reduce cart abandonment to as low as 2% by matching shoppers to the exact products they’re searching for on your site. Then boost SEO and SEM with relevant product data that powers relevant search results.

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Predictable demand forecasting and merchandising, built to tame the unpredictability of home retailing.

Now home brands can increase their ability to sell customers what they’re looking for right now, and decrease the need to mark that inventory down later. Lily AI’s proxy products and robust computer vision can help accurately forecast demand for brand-new product lines, boost full-margin sales and keep warehouses operating “just in time”.

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Large Multi-Brand Retailer Boosts Product Discovery from On-site Search by 8.5%, Projecting to $22M Increase in Revenue Across Brands

How one of North America’s premier multi-brand retailers unlocked product discovery for their extensive catalog of clothing and apparel using the power of robust product attribution data.
Lily AI's infographic on home decor and home product attribution

Infographic: Home Decor and Harnessing Customer-Centric Home Product Attributes

Effective and accurate home product attribution that bridges the gap between brand-speak and customer-speak can not only help your shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, it can also help deliver higher conversion rates, more full-margin sales, and increased sell-through.
Lily AI's "Turning a house into a home: how to deliver on home product conversion and sell-through" downloadable guide book.

Turning a House into a Home: How to Deliver on Home Product Conversion and Sell-Through

Help shoppers turn their house into a home from the ground up with the help of more accurate, customer-centric product attributes. Take a house tour with Lily AI and get merchandise moving from the store through the front door.
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A Q&A on Home Product Attribution with Lily AI’s Amy Chong

Amy Chong, Lily AI’s Senior Styling Manager, discusses some of the top questions she’s asked about Lily AI’s home product attribution capabilities.