Relevant product data powers relevant search results.

Customers signal their desires by searching for what matters to them in their own language. Make sure your products are instantly shoppable by harnessing the power of product attribution data that converts.

How it works

Great SEO and SEM starts with having great product data, which is a key challenge for many retailers. The Lily AI platform takes our customers’ data and runs it through our machine learning and artificial intelligence pipelines, which generates rich, deep, and consistent attribution for every product.

This drives dramatic increases in relevance and conversion for on-site search. Now you can move these same results “up the funnel” to search providers like Google and Bing, and ensure that more high-purchase-intent customers land on your site, and not someone else’s.

Pump up your page quality.

Search engines and product listing ads are looking for content on your site that is static and relevant, and they’ll reward you for getting it right. It’s simple: the better product data you can proactively provide to a search engine for your SEO marketing and paid e-commerce listings, the more consumers will find that data in their searches – then buy what you’re selling.

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