Harness AI-powered, customer-centric copy generation.

With Lily AI’s Content Generation, brands and retailers can boost product discovery and sales by automating copy for product titles and descriptions that are search-optimized, data-driven, on-brand, and, importantly, deliver better shopping experiences.

It doesn’t stop at product copy, either. This solution is also harnessed by marketers, site merchandisers, copywriters, and other digital creatives to improve efficiency and accelerate the production of email and advertising campaigns.

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How it works

To put it simply, product and marketing copy is ripe for AI-powered optimization. For brands and retailers, the process is often too manual and lacks data-driven precision. For consumers, key attributes and benefits might be missing or not optimally positioned.

Now, retailers and brands can harness generative AI and customer-centric product attribution to automate writing high-performing product and marketing copy.

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The future of high-impact copywriting is here

With Lily AI content generation, it’s easier than ever to ensure all product and marketing copy is:

+ Automatically SEO-optimized

+ Consistently standardized and customized per product

+ Highlighting each item’s uniqueness, benefits, and function

+ Conversion-optimized, integrating an analysis of a retailer’s first-party data

+ Consumer-oriented by harnessing “real customer speak”

+ Easy to proof, integrate, and distribute to different systems

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Harness the power of AI to get products on your site much, much faster.

We enable merchandising, product, and e-commerce teams to work smarter, not harder. Lily’s AI-powered content generation, combined with product attribution, enables rapid product onboarding by eliminating days of manual product detail and copywriting work. Better yet, new, customer-centric product details and attributes perform better and lead to happier customers and higher sales.


AI-generated product descriptions release

AI-Generated Product Descriptions:
Customer-Centric Content Generation for Retailers

Our latest release generates customized, captivating product and marketing copy based on your brand and customer data.
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AI Product Description Generator: 1 Dress, Described 3 Ways

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