Get your shoppers from search to sold.

Add exceptional depth, accuracy, and the words consumers actually use to your product catalog, making it easier to connect your customers with what they’re looking for.

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How it works

Brands and retailers who merely take in the generic product attributes provided to them by manufacturers and distributors – and stop there – aren’t able to push the language that customers actually use in their searches to their on-site search engine, then wonder why conversion is still stuck at an anemic 2% or worse.

Lily AI works with some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers to provide search engine-agnostic, plug-and-play product attribution data that feeds every step in the retail value chain. We help them return the sort of accurate and relevant results expected by their shoppers – even on some of the longest of long-tail searches. This dramatically increases engagement, conversion, and ARPV.

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Stop the endless site-search scroll.

It’s not acceptable to return 10-plus pages of results that drop off dramatically in relevance after the first click. Shoppers want focused, relevant results that match their shopping intent – and they’ll leave your site if they don’t get it.

By using granular, customer-centered product attribution data and enabling long-tail semantic searches, retailers can easily guide users directly to the items they really want.

It’s not just about finding the product. Sites that support semantic searches (which require enhanced product data) see their cart abandonment rates drop down to as low as 2%.

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Lily AI's Search Analytics Dashboard showcasing Search Trends on a computer.

Actionable search insights, all in one place.

The Lily AI Search Analytics Dashboard provides a centralized hub for retailers to understand and act on their customers’ search trends, conversions, and other actionable KPIs. Unlike existing retail analytics dashboards, Lily AI empowers retailers with actionable insights to diagnose bottlenecks in conversion funnels and then make adjustments to product attributes to maximize product discovery.

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