Meet Us At the Show in 2024

Throughout the year, the Lily AI team will be attending retail’s biggest shows . . . and we’re excited to meet with retail’s most innovative leaders.

Where will you be in 2024? The Lily AI team will be attending retail’s premier conferences and trade shows . . . and we can’t wait to meet you there!

Let’s not leave our meeting to chance–book a meeting now using the event links below:

Additionally, we will be hosting several virtual events throughout 2024. You can currently register for:

  • How AI Is Fueling a Customer-Centricity Renaissance in Retail: This event is hosted by RETHINK Retail and it will feature Lily AI President & CRO Ahmed Naiem talking with RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Experts Martin Newman and Alicia Esposito on how AI is delivering a customer-centric retail Renaissance.

The Lily AI team will be on stage and on the exhibit floor sharing our latest product and parter news as well as customer success stories. Can’t quite make it to a show this year? Worry not! We can chat any time by scheduling a demo!

Our tickets are booked, our speakers are prepped, our swag is ordered… and our calendars are filling up! Book a meeting now to ensure we get a chance to connect in person.

P.S. Check back in a few months in case we add more events!

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