AI Product Description Generator: 1 Dress, Described 3 Ways

AI generates copy in a flash, but only Lily’s AI product description generator combines brand guidelines and first-party data with customer-centric attribution to craft compelling, consumer-friendly copy. Here, we look at its use across three very different retailer categories.

To say that generative AI is a game-changer is an understatement. Its value is so significant that McKinsey says it can already increase productivity of several marketing functions by 5 to 15%

Of course, AI can generate copy that’s enhanced for Google Search and product discovery, and can deliver personalized search results and recommended products. The best generative solutions can optimize all of those marketing functions, in addition to augmenting functions across product and merchandising departments. 

That’s where Lily AI’s latest release comes in. Lily’s AI product description generator crafts product copy that’s consistently custom-tailored to retailers’ unique voices, incorporating the actual language your customers use and resonate with, and the best mix of key terms highlighted in the right place to drive conversion and sales. This AI-generated content establishes a connection between brands and their customers through bringing empathetic, relatable, and real-world language into product descriptions.

Simply put, it brings humanity to shopping through the use of language. In addition to crafting connection-enhancing copy, Lily’s AI product description generator: 

  • Optimizes copy and keywords for search engines 
  • Reflects the latest, hottest, of-the-moment trends
  • Bases its outputs on individual retailer’s customer engagement and revenue data

With that in mind, let’s look at some examples of Lily’s AI product description generator at work for three different types of retailers–a luxury brand, a global department store, and an online retailer who is selling to a Gen Z audience. Then we can dive into what make’s Lily AI a special, trusted resource for today’s top brands and retailers.

AI-Generated Dress Descriptions . . . For Three Different Retailers

Take a look at the outfit below. It’s a beautiful, white halter dress that’s versatile enough to be sold across a variety of shops. Now, imagine it’s being sold at three very different types of retailers.

1 Dress, 3 Ways With Our AI Product Description Generator

With these three concepts in mind, we’ll examine how generative AI drafts unique product titles, product descriptions, and detailed bullet points for the white dress for each retailer’s branding voice. Because Lily AI is trained on individual retailer’s unique data, it understands the very best language choices to include in the product copy it generates. 

AI Generates Copy for A Luxury Brand

In this instance of AI-generated copy, you’ll see that Lily AI has generated content for a luxury brand.

A luxury dress with copy from our AI product description generator

In this text, you can feel the high-end voice of the brand. When reading the copy, you intuitively understand their customers’ desire for high quality products and luxurious experiences. Terms like chiffon, gown, refined femininity, tranquility, ethereal fluidity, luxurious finish all speak to this brand’s specific customer interests. 

Lily AI included these luxury-focused terms, because its models were trained on data related to the retailer’s customer preferences and purchases, along with their own brand voice.

AI Generates Copy for A Global Department Store

For this example, our AI product description generator produced content for a global department store.

A mid-market department store dress with copy from our AI product description generator

In this text, you can grasp the friendliness and approachability that the retailer projects to their wide audience of shoppers. With this selection of words (formal occasions, little bit of fun, quick to wear, pure comfort), you get a sense of who their customers are and what they prioritize. These consumers search for clothing that is beautiful to look at, and easy to wear, hence why Lily AI generated the copy above. 

AI Generates Copy for An Online Retailer With a Gen Z Audience 

This is our last example, where Lily AI generates product descriptions for the dress, if it was being sold online with Gen Z consumers in mind.

A Gen Z-appealing dress with copy from our AI product description generator

You can really pick up on the Gen Z flavor in this copy. Its tone and phrases are youthful, reflecting popular language and sentiment toward the dress’ product attributes. Words and phrases like all kinds of dreamy, mermaidcore, it’s a total mood, and style game show exactly how Lily AI uses this customer-centric language to connect with younger consumers. 

How Does Lily’s AI Product Description Generator Work?

With Lily’s generative AI illustrated above, retailers can craft AI-generated product descriptions that truly connect with their exact customers and attract new ones. People-focused product descriptions empower retailers with empathetic copy that reaches consumers more persuasively and efficiently than ever before. 

What does Lily’s customer-centric copy generation look like in action?

  • Each item’s unique benefits and features are highlighted in a way that helps people locate your products more quickly. These benefits and features include attributes that describe embellishments, fits, fabrics, colors, closures, aesthetics, and more. 
  • Product details are organized so the most important information shoppers want is found easily, making purchasing decisions quicker.
  • The latest fads, newest slang terms, and subjective phrases are included in product copy. This means that your shop is inclusive of today’s of-the-moment trends people want.
  • Our internal team of experts update Lily AI’s algorithms to ensure accuracy and reflect the latest trends in the fashion, home, and beauty retail spaces.
  • Meanwhile, Lily AI continuously adapts to changes in your customer behaviors, ensuring its outputs are as high-performing as possible.

If this sounds like a must-have product, getting started is easier than ever. In fact, you don’t need to “rip and replace” any technology your teams are currently using! Lily AI augments your tech stack, making your work more efficient and effective, resulting in 9-figure revenue lifts.

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