How to Fast-Track AI Evaluation & Onboarding with Your Business Technology Team

For those championing transformation and technology investments like Lily AI, your Business Technology (BT) team will be key in the evaluation and implementation phases. Here’s how to get their support and start on the right foot.

  • When implementing AI solutions, effective collaboration with your BT team is critical.
  • Share the criteria used to select an AI solution and show how it integrates with current technology investments.
  • Anticipate BT requirements, such as privacy and security as well as vendor onboarding resources.

There’s huge promise—and huge hype—surrounding AI. When it comes to choosing their optimal AI solution, retailers need to verify that their choices meet the expectations of the CIO and BT team. After all, BT professionals ensure that their technology implementations drive the business forward, are worthwhile, totally secure, and safe to use. 

If you’re championing Lily AI for adoption within your retail operations, BT will complete its implementation. To get their collaboration started on the right track, we recommend you convey Lily’s business impact, ease of set-up, and high safety standards. 

Engaging with your brand’s BT team from the onset ensures that Lily AI is seen not just as a new piece of technology, but as critical to pushing your organization forward. 

Who is BT? Understanding Their Goals & Challenges

Oftentimes, BT teams are unsung heroes of retail companies. They are critical drivers of business success, working behind-the-scenes to navigate our ever-evolving digital landscape. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, software development, and software integration generally fall under their umbrellas. BT keeps many business functions running, while ensuring the security and usefulness of all digital systems. Oftentimes, these teams are stretched thin, with such large responsibilities and fast-paced projects on their plates. 

It’s crucial to recognize that BT teams aren’t uniform. Their roles vary from organization to organization. Considering this, take time to learn who your own internal BT operations consist of and what their responsibilities are. This will help you know which aspects of Lily AI to discuss with them.

When implementing a solution like Lily AI to your BT team, meet them with empathy. Show that you understand their workloads and responsibilities. Discuss how Lily AI is low-lift for them, while still delivering a substantial revenue impact.

Lily AI Makes the Most of Your Current Technology

Implementing Lily AI is easy because it augments the software retailers already use. It makes your current technology more efficient and effective, maximizing existing tech stacks to deliver 9-figure revenue lifts. 

When communicating the benefits of Lily AI to your BT team, explain how Lily injects customer-centric language en masse, across your entire PIM, improving the following functions:

With Lily AI, there’s no need for retailers to build their own AI solutions. Augmenting your retail technology suite with vertical AI offers a tailored solution for your brand that is customized and faster to implement than building anything.

Pro Tip: Lily AI augments your tech stack, making your current technology more efficient and effective, resulting in 9-figure revenue lifts. 

Implementing Lily AI is Fast & Easy

Disrupting services and processes when integrating new technology is a common hesitation of BT teams. Lily AI addresses these concerns with its simple implementation process. In fact, there’s no need to change much at all. 

Explain to your BT team that Lily eliminates the need to “rip and replace” any tech that your teams currently rely on. Its implementation is non-disruptive to ongoing workflows.

Retail BT teams will implement Lily AI’s pixel on your website. This gathers granular data and insights from every stage of your shopping funnel, analyzing customer habits and journeys, while not impacting load times or website experiences. It facilitates real-time updates for e-commerce performance tracking, while requiring minimal ongoing support and reducing BT resources needed for ETL and exporting.

The implementation process is designed to be as simple as possible for BT teams. Lily AI staff members will work with a dedicated Tech Operations professional at your company during onboarding. This process offers collaborative learning and troubleshooting experiences, so your users and BT experts are set up for success.

Pro Tip: Lily AI’s simple implementation process means that there’s no need for your BT team to “rip and replace” any software your company is currently using. Implementation is easy and an internal BT teammate will have a seamless, collaborative onboarding experience with Lily AI.

Feel At-Ease With Lily AI’s Security

Perhaps above all, security is a top concern for BT professionals, and Lily AI understands the importance of instilling confidence in its users. Lily AI is SOC2 compliant. This compliance meets the highest standards of security over a prolonged period of time, ensuring that all data is stored and processed safely. 

Additionally, Lily AI does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This minimizes security concerns for both retailers and their customers, which is an additional benefit to relay to your BT team. 

Pro Tip: Communicate Lily AI’s commitment to security and SOC2 compliance, which can ease any apprehensions of your BT team and foster a sense of trust and confidence.

Implement a Results-Driven Retail AI With BT’s Assistance

Engaging your Business Technology team from the onset of your journey with Lily AI means that your organization’s most tech-savvy professionals will experience easy onboarding and continued support. With their assurance, leadership will trust that you are championing a safe, secure, and effective AI solution to push your business forward. 

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