Bring AI-powered science to rapid product onboarding.

Thin and inconsistent product details start during item set-up and have cascading effects down the line. Lily AI’s universal language of customer-centered attributes removes extensive manual work and lets AI do the heavy lifting.

Woman taking stock of clothing in warehouse showcasing the benefit of Lily AI when doing item set-up.

How it works

The root cause of product data problems usually starts here, and we’ve got the solution to fix it. Lily AI helps retailers visualize tags with product images. When product attribution is done correctly, it instantly unlocks better site search, filters and facets, product recommendations, and demand forecasting.

Person on their laptop taking stock of warehouse inventory.

A universal customer-centric language for item set-up.

We enable merchandising and product teams to work smarter so they can spend their time on other things. Lily AI powers rapid product onboarding by eliminating days of manual work while setting merchandisers up with a customer-centered product taxonomy that will drive better decision-making for years.

Rows of unsold clothing stock on shelves that can be prevented with Lily AI.

Harness the power of AI to get products on your site much faster.

Start using advanced AI technology to tag products earlier in the buying process and more accurately plan your assortments. No more incorrect product listings that can hurt site search, SEO/SEM, or lead to inaccurate product analysis – and better still, accurately tagging products earlier in the process dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes for a new product to go live on your site. What’s not to love?


Item Setup

The Art of AI-Powered, Customer-Centric Item Set-Up

Merchandisers can now harness the power of AI and customer-centric product attribution data to more effectively and efficiently put together your item set-up from start to check out.
Sean Gouldson, Lily AI’s Head of Presales

Effective Product Attribution Q&A with Lily AI’s Sean Gouldson

Sean Gouldson, Lily AI’s Head of Presales, discusses some of the top questions asked about Lily AI’s product attribution management capabilities.
Woman in a black floral dress with attribute hotspots.

The Cascading Challenge of Legacy, Out-of-the-Box Product Attributes

Without a product taxonomy that describes products in the language that shoppers actually use, retailers start a cascading series of problems right at item set-up.