AI-Generated Product Descriptions:
Customer-Centric Content Generation for Retailers

Our latest release generates customized, captivating product and marketing copy based on your brand and customer data.

To put it simply, product and marketing copy often leaves much to be desired. For brands and retailers, the process is often too manual and lacks data-driven precision. For consumers, key attributes and benefits might be missing, unclear or not optimally positioned. 

With Lily AI’s latest release, retailers can craft AI-generated product descriptions that truly connect with people and empower brands to think like their customers, reaching them more persuasively and efficiently than ever through the power of language.

There are substantial disparities between writing product description content and optimizing it for customers. Oftentimes, product copy doesn’t include:

  • The actual language that customers use
  • Keywords to optimize it for search engines 
  • Content that reflects the latest of-the-moment trends
  • Information that’s based on the brand’s customer engagement and revenue data

Only Lily’s AI-generated product descriptions close these gaps, decreasing processing time and driving tangible results while maintaining your brand’s voice. 

Here, we dive into how our latest solution crafts compelling, impactful product and marketing copy that establishes a human connection with consumers, and ultimately, drives revenue.

AI-Generated Product Descriptions Are Based On Brand & Customer Data

AI-generated product descriptions for fashion

For retailers looking to incorporate generative AI into their workflows, Lily AI is simply their best solution. Its models are trained on highly-specific retail data and its outputs include your own brand’s insights. This means that copy is conversion-optimized just for your business since it integrates an analysis and understanding of your first-party data. 

AI-generated product and marketing copy powered by Lily are optimized for engagement and revenue in ways that other large language models (LLMs) simply can’t replicate. 

So what does this look like? 

Consumer-oriented product descriptions harness “real customer speak” to describe products, including subjective terms like occasions, styles, and trends.

  • Each product’s unique benefits and functions are highlighted in a way that features real customer language, helping people locate your products more quickly and feel a connection with your brand.
  • The hottest fads, newest slang terms, and subjective phrases are included in product copy, so your online shop is always up-to-date with the of-the-moment trends people are looking for.
  • Our internal team of experts enhances Lily’s AI to reflect the latest trends in the fashion, home, and beauty retail spaces.

Lily’s technology continuously adapts to changes in customer behaviors. 

  • This means that Lily AI is always up-to-date, delivering optimized product copy that’s set to drive conversions.

AI-generated content includes terms and attributes that are derived from your customers preferences and brand styles.

  • Retailers can be confident that their copy aligns perfectly with their products, organization’s narrative, and brand voice.

AI-Generated Content Is Readable & Google Search-Friendly

AI-generated product descriptions for cosmetics

Beyond crafting both brand and customer-focused copy, Lily’s AI copy is optimized in other ways.

Descriptions are easily readable. 

  • Bulleted lists are generated within product descriptions to enhance their scan-ability, decrease reading fatigue, and provide more robust information around product benefits and usage.

Content is optimized for search engines.

  • Critical keywords are inserted throughout product titles and descriptions, driving organic and paid traffic to product pages.
  • Lily AI researches and curates copy that’s trending on social media, Google, and customer on-site search functions, so our solution knows which exact terms will be most beneficial for your products.

Product Copy Is Accurate, Consistent & Time-Saving

AI-Generated Product Descriptions for Furniture Items

Of course, AI makes processes more efficient for retailers. Certain tasks are automated, helping merchandisers and marketers create compelling product listings and marketing copy more quickly than ever. 

A streamlined process ensures consistency in tone, voice, and verbiage.

  • This consistency can be reflected in messaging across various products and campaigns. 

The risk of errors is reduced. 

  • The copy Lily AI generates is consistently monitored to ensure it is free of errors, and thus, it provides a cohesive and professional image for the brand.
  • No inaccurate, explicit, or hallucinatory copy will be featured in product descriptions.
  • Lily’s exclusive commitment to monitoring ensures your product listings always meet brand guidelines.

Go to market more quickly than ever before. 

  • In this highly competitive retail world, processes are streamlined, trends are maximized instantly, and resources’ time is freed up for other critical tasks, such as strategic and creative aspects of copywriting.
  • AI-generated product descriptions enable better coordination and alignment of copy with other elements of your marketing strategy, resulting in more integrated and effective campaigns.

Lily AI Content Generation Is Easy-to-Implement & Use 

If this sounds like a must-have product for your brand, it’s easy to get started. Lily AI will integrate with your existing e-commerce technology, including your PIM, product catalog systems, inventory management tools, and content management systems. This is an easy process in which we ensure seamless data transfer between all systems to avoid errors and streamline the process

Craft The Best AI-Generated Product Descriptions

Productivity is set to increase at the hands of generative AI, and retailers need to ensure that they’re using the most optimal generative solution for their brand. McKinsey estimates that generative AI could increase the productivity of marketing functions by 5 to 15 percent by improving content creation, maximizing content for Google Search, product discovery, and search personalization. 

Only through Lily’s AI-generated content can brands optimize all of these functions across product, merchandising, and marketing, to truly connect with their customers, and ultimately drive growth for their businesses.

Think like your customers with Lily AI

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