2023 Spring/Summer Trend: Mermaidcore

See Why Mermaidcore is Making a Splash and Experiencing a 614% Surge in Searches

Last summer, Lily AI covered the season’s hottest Coastal Grandmother trend. You know… the unbuttoned button-ups and preppy casual look inspired by Nancy Meyer films.

This summer’s trend could be even bigger. The Mermaidcore trend encompasses a whimsical and ethereal style inspired by the enchanting world of mermaids, and has witnessed a surge in popularity coinciding with the highly anticipated release of Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

Perhaps the celebrity who has made the biggest waves in the Mermaidcore fashion scene is none other than Halle Bailey. As the lead actress in Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey has been seen donning mermaid-inspired looks both on and off the red carpet.


Mermaidcore is no doubt trending right now. With a staggering 614% increase in searches on Pinterest, ‘Mermaidcore’ is having a moment. Furthermore, the fashion trend has amassed a whopping 14.8 billion views on TikTok.

Pinterest Trends Chart for Mermaidcore


With the arrival of the summer season after the movie’s release, there is a growing desire among consumers and shoppers to embrace the Mermaidcore trend. Let’s dive in.

What is the Mermaidcore Aesthetic?

This trend effortlessly blends a feminine and bohemian elegance with contemporary playfulness. Embracing inspiration from the Y2K revival, Mermaidcore introduces seashells and low-rise skirts, injecting a touch of whimsy and fun into the ensemble. Mermaidcore also pays homage to the disco era of the 70s by embracing the allure of shimmering sequins and by blending a variety of fashion elements that creates a multi-faceted aesthetic.

To curate collections that represent Mermaidcore, brands and retailers can look to include:

  • Shimmering Materials: Incorporate fabrics with a luminous and iridescent quality, such as metallic materials, holographic fabrics, and sequins.
  • Ocean-Inspired Prints: Integrate prints that evoke the underwater world and its creatures. Think fish scales, seashells, coral reefs, or even whimsical illustrations of mermaids themselves.
  • Pastel and Oceanic Color Palette: Opt for soft pastel hues reminiscent of oceanic tones, such as aqua blue, sea foam green, pearl white, and lavender.
  • Flowing Silhouettes and Draping: Focus on loose, flowing silhouettes that mimic the fluidity and grace of mermaids. Incorporate asymmetrical hemlines, cascading ruffles, and draped fabrics to add movement and a sense of ethereal beauty.
  • Embellishments: Think of textures such as ruffles, frills, lace, ruching, pearls, sheer fabrics, and of course, sea shells.

How Retailers Are Diving into Mermaidcore

Bloomingdale’s is right on trend with an assortment that features Farah Strapless Gown by BRONX AND BANCO and a Faux Pearl Disco Ball Wristlet by POOLSIDE, the high-end retailer knows how to give consumers the perfect mermaid aesthetic for any occasion – whether it be a day in the sun, a date night or formal event.

Other great examples include ASOS, Boohoo, Revolve, and Venus with some great collections featuring beachey ombre and aqua blues, sequin dresses and bags, mother of pearl and seashell jewelry, sheer crochet scallop dresses and pants, and mermaid-esque silhouettes.

Bloomingdale's Mermaidcore Trend


Mermaidcore extends beyond fashion into home and beauty as well, proving this trend has legs, or should we say mermaid tails?

How to Harness AI to Capitalize on Mermaidcore

Applying trends to your product catalog is the easiest way to operationally curate trend collections like Mermaidcore. But without AI, this process is easier said than done.

With AI-powered product attribution from Lily AI, brands and retailers can automatically enrich their entire catalog with not just product details like embellishments, closures, and fit, but also styles, occasions, and, you guessed it–the latest trends. Now with the click of a button, marketers and merchandisers can easily curate product collections for “on-trend” marketing campaigns and launch those promotions faster, to capitalize on trends earlier.

Learn how Lily AI helps retailers and brands capitalize on trends faster in our Trends Attribution 101 post!

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