2023 Spring & Summer Shoppable Trends: Home Edition

Get inspired with the latest Spring/Summer trends in home decor and furnishings, and see how consumers are searching and discovering them.

Spring is here! Whether shoppers are looking to spruce up their seasonal decor, or planning to redecorate a room or decorate a new house, we know they are looking to the latest trends for inspiration. Like our Spring Trends Fashion Edition post, we’ve curated the hottest trends in home furnishings and decor, highlighting how shoppers might be searching the trends.

From the popular mainstream trends to the latest microtrends inspired by influencers on TikTok and Instagram, Lily AI helps brands capitalize on these shoppable trends. Wondering how we do it? Skip to the end and we’ll show you!

Now, let’s dive into each trend and see how consumers are shopping them:

Trend: “Tide”

Style: Coastal, Contemporary, Minimalist
Details: Consumers continue to look to the ocean to create a serene environment in their homes. Tide is no exception, able to translate organic matter and phenomena into everyday objects. Take me away!
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Holographic Ocean Wall Art,” “Recycled Glass Blue Vase,” “Curved Seafoam Green Velvet Settee,” “Chic Ombre Green Rug,” Capiz Shell Chandelier,” “Beachy Sleek Framed Floor Mirror.”

Trend: “Organic Modern” or “Warm Minimalism”

Style: Contemporary, Minimalist
Details: Gone with basic black and white minimalism, hello warm minimalism! Create a cavernous nook by layering soft textures such as boucle and linen and sculptural accessories against a clutter-free backdrop.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Organic Minimalist Wall Decor,” “Sleek and Earthy Bed Frame and Nightstands,” “Warm Linen Fabric Living Room Pieces,” “Simple Yet Sophisticated Entertaining Flatware Set in Gold.”

Trend: “Soft Stillness”

Style: Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist
Details: Reimagining everyday items through a soft Mid-Century lens. Instead of bright colors and jewel-tones, this aesthetic prefers tonal colors such as: cream, beige, and white. Master craftsmanship and organic materials continue to trend just as it did during the 50s-70s, showing our yearning to create a timeless living space.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Curvy Wood Frame Floor Mirror,” “Rounded Neutral Linen Accent Chair,” “Organic Craftsman Style Dining Set with Clean Lines,” “Mid-Century Style Home Decor.”

Trend: “Homestay”

Style: Rustic, Traditional
Details: More than ever, customers are focused on living authentically. This includes reverting to a homegrown lifestyle inspired by comfortable Western traditions. Achieve this look by supporting small businesses that carry handcrafted, sustainable goods. Or, embrace your inner artist by taking on DIY projects!
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Country-Chic Ceramic Plates and Bowls,” “Patchwork Western Throw Blanket,” “Vintage Cowboy Landscape Art,” “Rustic Handcrafted Sideboard.”

Trend: “Modern Farmhouse”

Style: Rustic, Traditional, Minimalist
Details: While this trend certainly isn’t new for Spring/Summer 2023, it’s still as popular as ever! Appealing to every age demographic due to the combination of vintage furnishings and modern decor, this trend shows real universal appeal and staying power.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Cognac Leather Seating,” “Burnt Orange Centerpiece,” “Reactive Glaze Dinnerware,” “Vintage Farmhouse Table Decor,” “Antique Dresser,” “Aztec Wall Art.”

Home Product Attribution with Lily AI

Lily AI’s team of domain experts not only have advanced knowledge of the top home decor styles, but they also have the ability to quickly understand which home product attributes are actually moving merchandise from the store through the front door. We work with home retail industry leaders to ensure that the language of their customers informs and enhances every point in their retail stack.

Our team of domain experts is not only committed to researching short-term and long-term trends, but they also identify the relevant tags that embody each of the many home styles. They then harness AI-powered automation to determine the specific attributes that resonate with each trend, enabling and operationalizing faster, more robust future trend tagging.

Lily AI’s team of domain experts bring their hands-on experience and expertise to help build and develop our taxonomy, essentially guiding our automation to “think and behave like a stylist” for your home – your own personal interior designer. Our experts work to make sure the taxonomy remains current and fresh so home retailers can stay on top of trend identification with in-depth research and the continuous development of product attributes across all the top home styles.

Trend Identification in the Age of Social with Lily AI

Learn more on how trend identification is consolidated and applied for Lily AI customers, straight from Lily AI’s top domain experts in our latest webinar, “Trend Identification in the Age of Social.”
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