2023 Spring & Summer Shoppable Trends: Women’s Fashion Edition

Dive into the top Spring/Summer mainstream and microtrends in women’s fashion, and see how consumers are discovering them across social, search, and retail websites and apps.

It may have snowed in southern California but for the rest of us, it’s been a mild Winter. Consumers are embracing the turn of the season and shopping for Spring crochet, cargo, cut-out, and convertible pieces as they pack away their layers of cozy sweaters and coats in line with the Fall/Winter 2022 trends.

From the popular mainstream trends to the latest microtrends inspired by influencers on TikTok and Instagram, Lily AI helps brands capitalize on these shoppable trends.

Let’s dive into each trend and see how consumers are shopping them!

Mainstream Trend: “Pioneer Town” or “Desert Town”

Dressing style: Boho, Edgy/Urban
Details: This look marries Western-style details like lace-up and fringe with a casual, sexy vibe of revealing tops, micro shorts, and mini skirts in combinations of chiffon, denim, twill, and leather.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Sexy Western Outfit,” “Country Concert Dress,” “Daisy Dukes,” “Plaid Mini Dress,” “Country Chic Halter Top,” “Cowgirl Fashion,” “Prairie Skirt,” “Boho Western Fashion.”

Mainstream Trend: “Wild Abundance”

Dressing Style: Boho-Chic
Details: Fall in love with this natural, warm look that blends the contemporary with an artisan craft feel. Elements include wrap styles, woven geometrics, terrain dyes, space dye, knots and crafty embellishments.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Pink Boho Knot Dress,” “Artisan Chic Outfit,” “Knit Tie-Dye Top,” “Crochet Wrap Sweater,” “Boho Chic Summer Party Dress.”

Microtrend: “Balletcore”

Dressing Style: Minimalist, Feminine/Romantic
Details: Embrace your inner Misty Copeland with a fashion trend that incorporates elements of ballet style into everyday wear. This look includes everyday essentials for a soft feminine elevated look in solids, neutrals and pastels that include embellishments like ruffles, see-through fabrics in cotton and knits.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “See-Through Wrap Top,” “Ballet Pink Tights,” “Ballet Dress,” “Balletcore Outfit,” “Ballet Vibes Outfit.”

Microtrend: “Tangerine Emoji”

Dressing Style: All
Details: Find your happy in a range of cuts, fits and fabrics in bright tangerine orange.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Head-to-Toe Orange Outfit,” “Tangerine Day Party Darty Look,” “Bright Orange Cocktail Dress.”

Microtrend: “Gorp-core” or “Military-Core”

Dressing Style: Boho, Edgy
Details:  This utilitarian look features baggy silhouettes with details like cargo pockets and belts, all in muted colors and performance fabrics.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Military-Core outfit,” ‘Gorp-Core Pants,” “Cargo Pocket Lightweight Parka,” “Baggy Olive Utility Pants,” “Military Inspired Day Look.”

Microtrend: “Maximalist Style” or “Weird-Girl Aesthetic”

Dressing Style: Edgy, Glamorous
Details: What do you get when Gen Z hits trend fatigue? A creative mix-and-match exploration of personal style. Embellishments span mixed patterns, colorblocking, fur, lace, mixed media, studs and rhinestones in bright colors with bold prints like abstract, checker, plaid, baroque, and floral.
Consumer Search Term Examples: “Statement Outfit,” “Over The Top Looks,” “Bold Fashion Accessories,” “Weird Girl Aesthetic,” “Quirky Girl Maxi Dress,” “Large Printed Pants.”


And that’s a wrap on the top 2023 Spring & Summer shoppable fashion trends. Check out the 2023 Spring/Summer home trends too!

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