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Learn how thredUP and Lily AI help shoppers “Thrift the Look.”

Shopping is a visual activity; we shop based on what we see, not on what we type.
Nobody understands this better than thredUP, who in 2020 launched an innovative “Thrift the Look” tool with Lily AI that allows thredUP shoppers to easily browse user-generated content and recreate the thredUP community’s most-loved looks with similar thrifted styles. Learn in this short webinar how the Thrift the Look came to be, and what it takes to make images shoppable and supercharge social commerce.
You’ll hear from thredUP Senior Product Manager Emma Herlihy and Lily AI VP of Product Byron Jones about how to use AI-powered visual search in 2022, and move away from antiquated, text-based ecommerce selling.

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Ready to Help Your Shoppers Find What They’re Looking For?

If you’re ready to start your journey like thredUP, you’ve come to the right place. Lily AI helps retailers boost product discovery and conversions by turning qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered language at a high volume with unprecedented accuracy and scale.

Why Lily AI?

Lily AI enables brands and retailers to speak in the language of their customer, helping to boost site conversion, order size, and full margin sales. By automating and dramatically enhancing the product data attribution process, Lily AI increases product sell-through and drives 8-9 figure revenue uplift for some of the world’s leading retailers and brands.  


With the deepest image recognition platform for retail, the Lily AI product attributes platform injects customer-centric attributes across the breadth of the existing retail stack to drive immediate relevance and connect shoppers with the products they’re really looking to buy.


thredUp Increases Sell-Through by 15% with Enriched Product Data from Lily AI

thredUP Increases Sell-Through by 15% with Enriched Product Data from Lily AI

thredUP and Lily AI: the Highlights 15%+ sell-through lift 275,000+ images tagged per week 2%+ conversion rate lift for customers who’ve purchased >2 times 2.8%+ conversion rate lift on iOS Favorites per user increased by 2.1% Co-development of innovative “Thrift The Look” shopping experience
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Learn how thredUP and Lily AI help shoppers “Thrift the Look"

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