Romantic Fashion: A Trend in Time for Valentine’s Day

Lily AI has predicted several fanciful, feminine, and romantic fashion trends that are in right now. Here’s how to capitalize on them . . . just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Romance is in the air! As the ever-exciting Valentine’s Day approaches, along with the perhaps even more fabulous Galentine’s Day, Lily AI’s experts have predicted trends to focus on the ultra-feminine, floral, pink, and pretty. With that, romantic fashion is here to stay, even beyond February’s holidays. 

With so many of Spring/Summer 2024’s fashion and beauty trends having a romantic twist, now’s the time for retailers to prepare for their popularity amongst consumers. With the assistance of Lily AI, fashion, beauty, and home goods retailers can update their systems to reflect product details and descriptions that include the hottest romantic fashion trends, using customer-centric language that connects with people. 

With that in mind, what exactly are the romantic fashion trends we see growing in popularity right now? Here, we take a look at four key trends, their characteristics, and the designers who are doing them best, in the hopes of equipping your brand for your best Valentine’s Day and 2024.

Romantic fashion trends of various styles

Embrace the Aesthetique Aesthetic

“Aesthethique” is a term for, well, a new and popular aesthetic. Ultra-feminine, Aesthetique is a trend that appreciates the multifaceted beauty of art and culture, both of which influence its unique and curated designs. 

Romantic fashion of the aesthetique mico trend

The trend’s fancy classics include revisited clothing shapes, like the column and off-the-shoulder necklines. Romantic bustiers are included in this look. Modernized ruffle trims and emotive prints adorn its pieces. 

With #aesthetique having 41 million views on TikTok, this romantic style of dress often includes embellishments like ruffles, ruching and rosettes. Its floral patterns tend to be made up of chiffon, lace, and silk.

Hair Ribbons Are Hot Right Now

Hair ribbons have been gaining popularity for a short while. Upticking in popularity throughout Fall/Winter 2023, ribbons are expected to be a top trend for Spring/Summer 2024. Brands like Christian Siriano, Collina Strada, and Alice + Olivia all featured them heavily during their latest runway shows. 

Hair ribbons are one of 2024's top romantic fashion trends

Building off last season’s Coquette Vamp trend, and with #hairRibbon having 102.6 million views on TikTok, expect this trend to feature bows made of chiffon, grosgrain, silk, and satin. We’ll see this trend run the gamut of colors too, including light colors, bright colors, and even luxurious black.

Go All-In On the Lovebomb Look

Needless to say, hyperfemininity is “in” in a big way. After several seasons of bold, bright, and statement-making styles, consumers are inspired to express themselves in soft colors and delicate details, some of which toe the line of being subversive. 

Enter the Lovebomb trend.

Lovebomb is a romantic fashion aesthetic that's alternative

Expressiveness is on the rise, and Y2K-inspired looks continue to have a hold on younger generations, signaling a desire for post-pandemic escapism and nostalgia. These themes are exemplified in the Lovebomb look. Volume is injected into silhouettes and accessories. Metallics and highly-pigmented (think Barbiecore-inspired) colors make bold statements alongside softer amethyst and delicate pastels. 

This trend is all about blending romantic fashion with offbeat elements. This looks very glamorous, with 3D elements, beads, bows, petals, flowers, gems, pave, pearls, and rhinestones. Colors run a wide array, including black, blue, fuchsia, green, pinks, maroons, and a range of brights, darks, jewels, neutrals, and pastels. 

Dance Your Heart Out With Kids’ Balletcore

The concept of “Balletcore” has been around for a while now. After all, it currently has 1.1 billion video views on TikTok. Its popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. This Spring and Summer, we will see Balletcore manifest itself in kidswear through tones of pink tulle and satin. 

Kids romantic fashion takes on a balletcore look

Featured in the S/S 2024 Pitti Bimbo and Fimi Runway shows through designers like Fun&Fun and Sarabanda, this trend explores special occasion items that make perfect childrens’ outfits for holidays like Easter, family weddings, pageants, and other formal events. 

The kids’ version of this trend includes embellishments of ruffles, tulle, flutter and puff sleeves, rhinestones, tiers, and layers. Its tulle, satin, or jacquard fabrics are sometimes solid and sometimes in florals, ranging in pink and various pastel shades. 

AI Helps Retailers Capitalize on 2024’s Romantic Trends

Leveraging Lily AI’s product attribution and AI-generated product descriptions, brands and retailers can effortlessly enhance their entire catalog and easily connect customers to the products they want. When partnering with Lily AI, highly-detailed product features like closures, embellishments, styles, occasions, and the very latest romantic fashion trends will be accounted for across your entire retail ecosystem. Marketers and merchandisers can seamlessly curate fashion, beauty, and home goods collections that are tailored for trendy marketing campaigns, allowing them to quickly launch promotions and capitalize on emerging trends.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, ensure that people are connected to your romantic fashion products and offerings. Instantly aligning your products with 2024’s hyper feminine and romantic trends, with the help of AI, empowers retailers to position themselves for success in Q1 and throughout 2024.

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