2023 Autumn/Winter Trend Report: Gen Z Special Edition

This Autumn/Winter, Gen Z fashion ushers in two captivating maximalist trends, embodied by Lagom Fields and Coquette Vamp.

The Autumn/Winter season presents two distinct trends that resonate with the Gen Z maximalist sensibility: Lagom Fields and Coquette Vamp. Gen Z’s bold and eco-conscious maximalism finds its expression in the Lagom Fields trend, where sustainability meets boho-chic aesthetics for a vibrant, evolving fashion statement. These eco-friendly and affordable pieces from Lagom Fields contrast beautifully with the Coquette Vamp style’s spirited and daring exploration, drawing inspiration from an array of eclectic fashion movements including Dollcore, Fairycore, and Barbiecore. Together, these trends offer a diverse wardrobe that balances environmental mindfulness with exuberant self-expression.

Read on to learn more about these two trends that appeal to the Gen Z demographic, as well as see how to operationalize these trends and turn interest into sales.

Lagom Fields: Balanced Maximalism in Activewear

The Lagom Fields aesthetic brings a refreshing twist to activewear, introducing intricate embellishments like fine embroidery, sophisticated braids, and striking color-blocking. To consumers, this trend can include a large range of cozy, eco-friendly products, from cottagecore clothes to sustainable sweaters.

Seamlessly integrating the boho-chic aesthetic, known for its free-spirited and eclectic mix of patterns and textures, Lagom Fields is a representation of the Gen Z narrative—a call for fashion that prioritizes balanced living and sustainable choices. Details add a rich, dimensional layer to the apparel, elevating apparel beyond functionality into the realm of expressive art. For a generation that prizes authenticity and personal expression, this trend presents an ideal synthesis of comfort, visual appeal, and ethical fashion.

The oversized and relaxed silhouettes characteristic of Lagom Fields speak directly to the season’s affinity for coziness and layering. The color spectrum of Lagom Fields draws from the serene and earthy tones of autumn. Shades of taupe, olive, and matcha evoke a deep connection with nature, mirroring the tranquil beauty of the season’s changing landscape. 

The choice of materials reflects a commitment to sustainability—a crucial consideration for the discerning Gen Z shopper. Eco-conscious knits, wool fleece dyed with natural matcha, and sturdy cotton canvas are not just style statements but signify a deeper allegiance to eco-friendly fashion practices.

Athleta’s Offers A Symbiosis of Style and Sustainability

Athleta’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is not just a seasonal offering; it’s a statement—every thread woven into the fabric of the collection carries a story of sustainable choices, comfort-infused styles, and timeless elegance. This collection is meticulously composed of eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon and polyester, in addition to luxurious Merino wool and cashmere blends. These choices reflect Athleta’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Athleta's Offers A Symbiosis of Style and Sustainability

Lagom Fields Beauty and Accessories: The Natural Ethos

Lagom Fields showcases a beauty and accessories ethos that champions the subtle. The trend’s beauty style is resolutely natural, advocating for ‘barely there’ makeup that accentuates rather than obscures, using clean, organic, and cruelty-free products. Ingredient preferences veer towards vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based, emphasizing sustainability that extends to recyclable or refillable packaging. The accessory approach is minimalist, with a focus on pieces that reflect a commitment to eco-consciousness, such as jewelry from recycled materials or bags that combine functional design with environmentally friendly production. Together, they form a coherent lifestyle statement that resonates with balance, responsibility, and an affinity for the natural world.

Lagom Fields Beauty and Accessories: The Natural Ethos

Coquette Vamp: Weaving Romanticism with Urban Edge

The Coquette Vamp trend emerges as the winter’s enchanting response to the playful Dollcore style, breathing new life into holiday fashion with its fusion of feminine romanticism and an edgy urban twist. It’s a trend that commands attention, weaving together the light and the dark, the delicate and the daring. Envision lace accents, intricate ties, ornate embroidery, and an interplay of different materials that come together to create a look that is both intricate and intriguing. Shoppers aspiring to emulate this aesthetic love the looks of both Victorian gothic clothing and coquette clothing. These two genres of dress are combined here.

At the heart of the Coquette Vamp aesthetic is a rich tapestry of fabrics. Sumptuous brocades, suggestive of Baroque grandeur, mesh with the ethereal touch of fabric petals and the defined structure of corset lacing. Shimmering plissé and whisper-thin silk round out the collection, tailored impeccably to drape and cling in all the right places. The color palette is equally sumptuous, with deep emeralds and coals offset by the starkness of black, conjuring images of a mysterious, vampiric romance rooted in modern maximalism.

Coquette Vamp: Weaving Romanticism with Urban Edge

House of CB: A Romantic Collection Featuring Coquette Vamp 

House of CB’s A/W 2023 range perfectly encapsulates the Coquette Vamp trend, marrying romantic femininity with a bold alternative twist. Intricate lace, lace-up details, and velvet with feather trims define the collection’s luxurious yet edgy aesthetic. Jewel tones of ruby, sapphire, and black enrich the brand’s offerings, capturing the essence of Coquette Vamp’s seductive allure.

House of CB: A Romantic Collection Featuring Coquette Vamp

Beauty and Accessories: The Dark Allure of Coquette Vamp

Coquette Vamp takes a maximalist approach, reflecting a style that is as romantic as it is rebellious. Beauty and accessories for this trend resurrect the best of ’90s glam and soft grunge, blending them into a powerful cocktail of feminine romanticism and stark urbanity. This goth glam makeup look uses a palette that may include sultry smokey eyes, rich burgundy lips, and a flawlessly pale base reminiscent of gothic allure. Accessories follow an equally ornate narrative; think chokers with intricate lacework, velvet bands adorned with brooding gemstones, and statement pieces that intertwine metallic accents with dark, romantic motifs. Every element, from a pair of dramatic, over-the-elbow gloves to bold, baroque-inspired jewelry, complements the Coquette Vamp’s extravagant essence.

Beauty and Accessories: The Dark Allure of Coquette Vamp

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