Boost Your Holiday AOS and RPV with Customer-Centered Product Attributes

It’s not too late to boost your existing e-commerce stack for the holidays with Lily AI’s impactful product attributes platform.

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means – the holiday shopping rush is also upon us. Although it seems that shoppers are getting started earlier than ever with crossing items off their Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas lists, there is still time to implement change that can create a real, visible impact. 

It’s not too late to give your holiday AOS (average order size), RPV (revenue per visitor), and e-commerce strategy a boost by adding customer-centered product attributes to your wish list.   

Give the Gift of Product Discovery 

We know that just as a snowflake (holiday pun intended) is unique, each shopper and what they’re going to be looking for on your site, is also unique. Whether you are in the process right now of getting your retail stack set up or are putting the finishing touches on your e-commerce strategy for the holiday season, we know Lily AI can help you strengthen and streamline your product discovery capabilities.

Lily AI provides critical product intelligence that enriches product data, driving results across your existing retail chain. As a retailer this allows you to see lift right away just in time for the holidays – in key areas like Site Search and more

Customer-centered product attributes really do make all the difference in helping shoppers to find what they’re looking for this holiday season. Consider the category of the NYE dress – if the shopper doesn’t refer to it as a “NYE” dress, but instead searches for a “cocktail” dress or a “party” dress, then they’re likely to move on to the next retailer who can actually provide them with relevant results if your results aren’t cutting it.  

Customer-centric product attributes speak in the language of the consumer and consider all the ways in which a shopper may search for an item. Better product attribution makes a powerful difference starting right at item set-up and has beneficial ramifications across your existing retail chain. This holiday season, give your shoppers the gift they’ve always wanted by helping them to actually find what they’re looking forno matter how they search for it. 

Boost Your Holiday AOS and RPV with Customer-Centered Product Attributes

Give the Gift of Quick Implementation & Results 

With the busiest shopping season around the corner, it’s important to capitalize on the trends of the moment right as they’re happening and immediately act upon search trends and diversity in order to grow conversions, AOS, and RPV.   

But how do you do this effectively and efficiently? By using the lens of the consumer and harnessing industry-leading customer-centric product data to enrich previously thin and inconsistent product details. This truly actionable search intelligence is your secret weapon for rapid decision-making based on relevant search data. 

A nice holiday bonus: Just as a shopper’s preferences are unique, we know your tech stack is also unique. Lily AI can integrate and work with you no matter who is in your tech stack makeup – and this can be done without the lag (no waiting in the checkout line here). 

By harnessing this data within your existing tech stack without the hassle you can begin to see lift right away! For instance, 3-8% lift in search revenue + 6-10% increase in product discovery!

Trusted by global retailers, brands, and industry leaders, with Lily AI by your side you can:  

Give the Gift of Lily AI this Season

This holiday season, give your shoppers the gift they’ve always wanted by actually helping them find the products they’re looking for by supercharging your e-commerce stack with the help of Lily AI’s customer-centered product attributes.
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