Build a Better Brand Initiative with Lily AI’s Taxonomy

Getting the right items out at the right time can be a tricky art to master. Luckily, Lily AI’s taxonomy fits right on time with your brand initiative schedule.

At Lily AI, we understand the importance of getting out the right items at the right time. We also know that this can be a tricky art to master in retail, but with that in mind, our customizable taxonomy fits right on time with your schedule. 

Evolving Initiatives 

From back to school shopping, to Halloween, to shopping for family and friends for the holidays, brand initiatives are an essential part of retail and a reoccurring, but also evolving practice. 

Not only does a bold and bright brand initiative (possibly around certain colors or specific trends) help to serve as a framework for developing the right pieces, it also helps to bring fashion forward in a way that is more authentic and likely to grab the shopper’s eye. 

The driving purpose behind a brand initiative is to capture the current moment and seize the virtual shopping bag by the handle, making the most of the events happening right now – or in the near future. 

However, for fashion this often needs to be planned in advance, or if a brand initiative needs to be put out there quickly, then items need to be attributed just as quickly and tagged properly in order for shoppers to find them without lag – that is if they can find them at all.

Proactive Planning 

Planning brand initiatives proactively is so helpful for scheduling campaigns before things get hectic and taking advantage of this adequately can help to save both time and money.  

For instance, with holiday sales starting earlier and earlier each year, the end of summer/beginning of all is the perfect time to plan for the shopping season kicking off in early November. 

One of the best ways to do this is by reviewing past performance and using that information to hopefully capture the same results. This can be done using a technique called demand forecasting with the assistance of proxy products

Taxonomy Alignment 

Lily AI’s taxonomy can evolve and adjust to align with larger brand initiatives such as “back to school” or one of the big upcoming holidays with the help of our domain experts team. 

Our team is highly knowledgeable at identifying the relevant tags that align with particular campaigns and can make sure they’re tagged in the proper ways that are going to be easiest to identify and find for shoppers. So, no matter when – or what campaign you’re crafting, there’s a tag that can be quickly utilized to pull the right products together.   

From more aligned filters and facets, to subcategories for specific products, this can all be done so much more efficiently and effectively with a product attributes platform like Lily AI and can help to avoid situations like a “pack and hold.”

Our domain experts team continues to grow, develop, and evolve Lily’s retail product taxonomy every day so that Lily AI customers will always receive the latest product attributes based on seasonal trends and changes. This extra mile helps to ensure attributes are updated with the latest terminology used in the fashion and retail spaces at all times.  

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