Computer screen showing a preview of Lily AI's "Trend Identification in the age of social" webinar.

Strengthen your trend identification practices in the social media age.

No matter the season, trend identification is a key part of any retailer’s journey in the fashion cycle. However, how do you know if the trends you’re focusing on are going to pay off in the long run – especially in the quick-paced and ever-shifting age of social?


Keep your stock from sitting on the shelves by joining us for our upcoming webinar centered on trend identification in the age of social media. Learn from domain experts on the difference between a macro-trend vs. a micro-trend in mainstream fashion, home, and beauty.


In our on-demand webinar, Trend Identification in the Age of Social, you can learn from Lily AI’s domain experts on key things to know like the difference between the home and beauty cycle, top examples of the latest trends, and how trend identification is consolidated and applied for Lily AI customers. 


Be sure to download and watch for a fresh and informative look at trend identification!

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Ready to Help Your Shoppers Find What They’re Looking For?

If you’re ready to start your journey to better trend identification best practices, you’ve come to the right place. Lily AI helps retailers boost product discovery and conversions by turning qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered language at a high volume with unprecedented accuracy and scale.

Why Lily AI?

Lily AI enables brands and retailers to speak in the language of their customer, helping to boost site conversion, order size, and full margin sales. By automating and dramatically enhancing the product data attribution process, Lily AI increases product sell-through and drives 8-9 figure revenue uplift for some of the world’s leading retailers and brands.  


With the deepest image recognition platform for retail, the Lily AI product attributes platform injects customer-centric attributes across the breadth of the existing retail stack to drive immediate relevance and connect shoppers with the products they’re really looking to buy.


Fashion mannequins in store window dressed in stylish trendy clothing representing Lily AI's trend forecasting.

What is Trend Identification, & How Does it Build Confidence in Customer Relationships?

A look at how Lily AI’s trend research and forecasting team further enhances customer-centric personalization and drives much stronger on-site search results.
A female influencer holding her phone taking an selfie for social media.

Product Discovery in the Influencer Age: How to Capitalize on Social Media Fads

Glow-up your product discovery strategy and convert Gen Z social media fads into sales with the help of Lily AI’s domain expertise and robust product attribution taxonomy.
Teal themed room filled with gold metal trendy home decor.

A Q&A on Home Product Attribution with Lily AI’s Amy Chong

Amy Chong, Lily AI’s Senior Styling Manager, discusses some of the top questions she’s asked about Lily AI’s home product attribution capabilities.