Deliver more relevant shopping experiences through a deeper understanding of your customers

Lily’s product discovery platform uses deep product data and a 360 view of your shopper to understand the “why” and emotional context behind your shopper’s purchases so you can deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences for them.

Purpose-Built AI for Retail

Lily AI helps brands and retailers understand shoppers' emotional context

Each time a customer comes to your site, they bring their purchase preferences and current needs with them. Lily AI marries product attributes with customer behavior data to surface the best ideas for each individual shopper.

Make search more relevant

Add depth to the attributes in your product catalog to make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for

Elevate your personalization strategy

Drive AOV and revenue by helping shoppers discover more products based on their style, personal preferences, and current context

Clean up your product catalog

Create clean, structured and comprehensive product catalog data to leverage across the business to boost merchandising, marketing and e-commerce KPIs

Enhance your acquisition strategy

Enhance your SEO/SEM by leveraging the depth of our product data

Retain and sell more

Retain & sell more by leveraging Lily AI-enriched profiles and recommendations

Connect with your shoppers

Understand the why behind each purchase to build stronger connections with your shoppers

Our Products

Product Intelligence

Product discovery powered by product attributes.
Lily AI’s unique strength on product intelligence.
Deepest product data

Taxonomy of over 15,000 attributes

Largest proprietary training data set in the world
Model trained by the largest set of training data hand labeled by retail experts

1 billion data points and growing; 99% accuracy

Take control of your data

 Flexible, developer friendly realtime and batch APIs

Use cases for product intelligence
Enhancement of site search
Filters & facets
Product recs

Consumer Intelligence

Lily AI’s unique strength on customer intelligence
Deepest prediction of customer context

First & only to predict psychographics of shoppers.

Styling intelligence that connects customers to products

Built by fashion industry experts and technologists with 150+ years of deep retail and fashion experience.

A platform for shoppers and retailers

A single unique view of the customer across every brand interaction. The same psychographic profile can be used to delight your shoppers at every interaction.

Use cases for consumer intelligence
Enhancement of site search
Filters & facets
Product recs

World’s best product discovery platform for retailers and brands

Re-commerce platforms
Luxury department stores
DTC brands


thredUP increases sell-through by 15% with enriched product data from Lily

Guide to consumer engagement


Chris Homer

Co-Founder & CTO, thredUP

It all needs to start with the customer. The context of what she is trying to accomplish—her progress in refreshing her closet or finding a specific piece for an event—does not come from segmentation alone. Lily AI Deep Profiles understands what our customer is trying to do and offers the right recommendations to her, not products she doesn’t actually want.

Top 3 Mass Merchant

Senior Director of Personalization

Lily AI’s enriched data increased prediction accuracy of recommendations by +30%. We haven’t seen anything else create such a lift. This is the type of AI story that needs to be told in retail.

See your customers as they see themselves

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