Deliver more relevant shopping experiences through a deeper understanding of your customers

Lily AI supercharges retailers of all types by dramatically improving on-site search, personalized product discovery, recommendations and demand prediction - unlocking millions in new revenues.

Trusted by global retailers and industry leaders

Boost discovery and conversion with the deepest image recognition platform for retail

Lily AI turns qualitative product attributes into a universal mathematical language at a high volume with unprecedented accuracy

Our platform provides a depth and scale of attribution that no other solution can match. Now retailers can configure 10x more attributes for each product - from fit to style, from embellishments to occasion and much more.

Make site searches convert

Add exceptional depth to your product catalog, and make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for

Enable personalized product discovery

Drive AOV and revenue by helping shoppers discover the products they really want based on their style, personal preferences, and current context

Smarter planning, buying & allocating

Boost your supply chain and inventory management systems to rapidly improve demand forecasting and allocation planning while reducing return rates

Start deploying a universal catalog language

Gain one comprehensive source of truth for product descriptions you can leverage across the business to boost merchandising, marketing and ecommerce KPIs

Power your entire ecommerce stack

Send robust product and consumer data to every destination system, and supercharge search engines, recommender systems, demand prediction models and item set-up processes

Tap extensive in-house styling expertise

Your exponential growth in product accuracy and depth is powered by Lily AI’s unique, dedicated in-house styling team and their deep backgrounds in fashion, technology and retailing

Our Products

Product Intelligence

Product discovery powered by over 15,000 product attributes.
Lily AI’s unique strengths in product intelligence.
Unparalleled product attribution data

Depth and scale of AI- and human-powered product attribution that no other solution can match

High volumes, unprecedented accuracy

By using robust, AI-powered image recognition to extract product attributes, Lily allows retailers to configure 10x more attributes for each product. 1 billion data points and growing, at 99% accuracy

Take control of your data

Flexible, developer-friendly realtime and batch APIs that help the ecommerce investments retailers have already made become even more powerful

Use cases for Lily AI
product intelligence
Enhanced site search
Filters & facets
Product recommendations
Demand forecasting
Allocation planning
Return rate reduction
Item set-up processes

Consumer Intelligence

Intent-driven personalization for every unique shopper
Deepest prediction of customer intent

See relationships between attributes and how they intersect with each unique consumer’s behavior, motivations and emotional context.

Styling intelligence that connects customers to products

Built by retail industry experts and technologists with 150+ years of deep retail and fashion experience.

A platform for shoppers and retailers

Our single unique view of the customer occurs across every brand interaction, injecting customer intent into ecommerce that delights customers in a way that’s never been done before.

Use cases for Lily AI
consumer intelligence
Enhanced site search
Filters & facets
Product recommendations


thredUP increases sell-through by 15% with enriched product data from Lily AI

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Chris Homer

Co-Founder & CTO, thredUP

It all needs to start with the customer. The context of what she is trying to accomplish—her progress in refreshing her closet or finding a specific piece for an event—does not come from segmentation alone. Lily AI Deep Profiles understands what our customer is trying to do and offers the right recommendations to her, not products she doesn’t actually want.

Top 3 Mass Merchant

Senior Director of Personalization

Lily AI’s enriched data increased prediction accuracy of recommendations by +30%. We haven’t seen anything else create such a lift. This is the type of AI story that needs to be told in retail.

See your customers as they see themselves

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