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Digital Experience

9 Common Website Mistakes Holding Back Your Online Store

Is your website falling short of expectations? That’s the experience for many brick-and-mortar fashion retailers who set up an online presence. Find out how to avoid these 9 common website design mistakes.

Product Discovery

The Best Product Pages: Do Yours Measure Up?

The best product pages, like the best store staff, drive increased sales. Find out where yours may be falling short, how they can be improved and what Lily AI can do to speed and empower your improvements.


How To Write Product Descriptions That Resonate With All Types of Shoppers

Is your brand overlooking one of the biggest opportunities for engaging customers? Find out why writing product descriptions is key to conversion and experience for retail shoppers.


How Product Data Supercharges Your Ecommerce Personalization Efforts

Find out how relevant and robust product data can immediately supercharge your ecommerce personalization efforts.

Retail Strategy

7 Ways to Use Enhanced Product Attribution Data Across Your Ecommerce Business

Using enhanced product attribution data across your ecommerce store improves not only customer experience but also your bottom line as a retailer. Here are 7 ways to use granular data in your online retail store.

Digital User Experience: 7 Ways to Be the Brand That “Gets It”

If there’s one thing COVID has taught us, it’s that the digital user experience can’t be an afterthought anymore. Learn why it's a must for fashion retailers, and why few retailers are doing e-commerce well — and fewer still are doing it well enough.


Why Product Data is Key to Your Search Engine Marketing Solution

Looking for a search engine marketing solution that plays to your strengths? Learn how deep, rich, granular product data can help you fine-tune your SEM strategy and maximize your advertising budget, no matter what your product line or target demographic.

Product Discovery

5 Ways Your Website Can Turn Online Browsers Into Buyers

As e-commerce grows, particularly in fashion, it's crucial for brands to learn ways for turning browsers into buyers to generate new business and keep revenue flowing.