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Infographic: What is a Customer Intent Platform?

The marriage of product intelligence and customer intelligence is what enables retailers to measure and act upon unique customer intent. In our new infographic, we've provided some of the details on just how exciting this development is for modern ecommerce.

Demand Forecasting

How Granular Product Attributes Help Mitigate the Supply Chain Crunch

The supply chain is only as robust as the data that feeds into it at the source. Here's how retailers can boost their demand forecasting acumen and help outsmart the current retail supply chain blues.

Company News

Customer Intent: the Universal Language that Supercharges the Ecommerce Stack

Lily AI CEO Purva Gupta announces and provides the market factors that have led to the company's pioneering Customer Intent Platform, which injects robust product attribute data and unique customer intent into the entire ecommerce stack, supercharging retailers of all types.

Product Data Management

How Product Data Management Optimizes Your Online Store

You know that data matters, but how do you actually extract the insight from the data your online retail store is collecting? Find out how Lily AI optimizes your product data management.


Garbage In, Garbage Out: How Product Attribution Data Boosts SEO, SEM and Conversions

A Q&A about the the power of product attribution data to drive effective SEO and SEM with Lily AI’s Principal Product Manager, Andrew Nelson 

Product Discovery

Human-Powered Product Taxonomies: An Interview with Lily AI's Kathy Lee

An interview with Lily AI's Director of Styling, Kathy Lee, and a discussion on how the depth of Lily AI’s taxonomy is driven by a dedicated in-house styling team that bring their own deep backgrounds in fashion, technology and retailing to help modern retailers enable world-class product discovery.

Demand Forecasting

How To Ensure More Accurate Demand Forecasting

Is your online demand forecasting hitting the right notes? It matters even more over the holiday season. Find out how to increase efficiency and drive revenue with allocation planning powered by enriched product and customer intent data.

Industry Trends

Ecommerce Technology Trends: 5 Ways To Keep Up (or Fall Behind)

Each year brings a few new ecommerce technology trends and sees others hit critical mass. Learn about five of the highest-priority ecommerce technologies of 2021, and how you can harness them to drive new business.