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Customer Intent for Beauty Brands: A Q&A with Lily AI’s Joyce Lay

A Q&A with Joyce Lay, a veteran Lead Merchandise Analyst at Lily AI who has been instrumental in helping to build product taxonomies and in creating the universal mathematical language that powers the Lily AI customer intent platform. She's now turned her attention to using her expertise to do the same for beauty brands and retailers.


Understanding Products and Customers with AI: A Q&A with Lily AI’s Matthew Nokleby

What are some of the latest breakthrough advances in AI, as well as current data science challenges in retail? We asked Matthew Nokleby, Lily AI’s Tech Lead Manager, Computer Vision, for his expertise on these questions, on building ML models, and advice he’d give right now to those pursuing careers in data science. 

3 Reasons Why Ecommerce Product Recommendations and Personalization Urgency Has Never Been More Pressing

Two years into the pandemic, we’ve certainly learned a few things about why ecommerce success is so tied to having strong product recommendations, online personalization and rock-solid demand forecasting. Here are 3 core reasons why ecommerce product recommendations and personalization urgency has never been more pressing than it is today.

Industry Trends

7 to Stay, 1 to Go: Retail Trends in Ecommerce That Will Outlast The Pandemic

The pandemic once seemed like a temporary inconvenience. Now, however, two things are abundantly clear: The virus will linger, and major changes in retail trends are here to stay. Not every trend has staying power. But the trends that persist will impact online shopping in the fashion industry for years to come.


Infographic: What is a Customer Intent Platform?

The marriage of product intelligence and customer intelligence is what enables retailers to measure and act upon unique customer intent. In our new infographic, we've provided some of the details on just how exciting this development is for modern ecommerce.

Demand Forecasting

How Granular Product Attributes Help Mitigate the Supply Chain Crunch

The supply chain is only as robust as the data that feeds into it at the source. Here's how retailers can boost their demand forecasting acumen and help outsmart the current retail supply chain blues.

Company News

Customer Intent: the Universal Language that Supercharges the Ecommerce Stack

Lily AI CEO Purva Gupta announces and provides the market factors that have led to the company's pioneering Customer Intent Platform, which injects robust product attribute data and unique customer intent into the entire ecommerce stack, supercharging retailers of all types.

Product Data Management

How Product Data Management Optimizes Your Online Store

You know that data matters, but how do you actually extract the insight from the data your online retail store is collecting? Find out how Lily AI optimizes your product data management.