The Ongoing Appeal of Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

Throwback style is always in and some of this era’s biggest trends in beauty and fashion focus on the early Noughties. 

Several popular early aughts trends have hit the shelves and runways again. New spins on the so-called Y2K trend have resurfaced . . . and they might just take you on a trip down memory lane.

Lily AI’s Spring/Summer 2024 Trend Report takes a deep dive into what’s “in” for the coming warm weather months, and Gen Z’s Y2K-focused obsession shows no signs of slowing down! Today’s throwback fashion and beauty trends are fueled by TikTok with #Y2K boasting 31.3 billion video views and #Y2KAesthetic boasting 5.3 billion views.

 As part of the 20-year trend cycle, we’ve seen younger generations ditch skinny jeans for wide-legged pants. Frosty blue makeup takes last year’s Mermaidcore trend into the cosmetics world. McBling has barreled back with high-heeled flip flops and capri pants. 

Oh, and remember Britney’s and Justin’s iconic denim-on-denim moment? Yeah . . . it’s back with a 2020s twist.

Here, we dive into four of this season’s biggest Y2K trends in beauty and fashion. And we show how retailers can operationalize and capitalize on these trends and others. 

These are the top four Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion for Spring/Summer 2024.

Four Favorite Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

Capri Pants

They’ve been spotted on the runways of Tory Burch and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Early 2000s-inspired cropped capris are this year’s warm-weather alternative to classic jeans and winter’s woolen trousers.

Capri Pants are one of today's Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

They’re a favorite of celebrities, with both Gigi and Bella Hadid recently sporting modern versions of the throwback trend. And they’ve caught on with today’s consumers too. The hashtag #CapriPants has 9.7 million views on TikTok and will continue to grow. 

Elevated Flip Flops

With the continuing evolution of Y2K-inspired trends, iconic footwear of the era is reemerging. Flip flop heels are being revamped by additions of elevated materials, metallic finishes, and luxurious embellishments.

Elevated Flip Flops are one of today's Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

Brands from Chanel to SHEIN are bringing back flip flops with a high heel boost.

Frosty Mermaidcore

There have been 14.5 billion searches for “mermaidcore” on TikTok alone. The trend’s grip on fashion has trickled over to beauty, and its influence has kept its iridescent and shimmery style. Prominent colors include sea foam, aquamarine, and holographic violets.

Mermaidcore is one of today's Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

Beauty brands are riding the hype wave too. Too Faced has curated cosmetics to show shoppers tutorials on the exact products they could use to create these frosty, fantastical looks.

Double Denim

The denim-on-denim look can now be called a timeless classic. This trend honors the eternal practicality of denim fabric. Speaking to that timelessness, double denim is a look that’s embraced by all generations. Simply pair a classic blue denim top, outerwear, and pants.

Double denim is one of today's Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

Diesel has been producing denim-on-denim looks lately, with its most recent season of menswear featuring the trend with a wide range of washes.

Use AI to Capitalize on Y2K Trends in Beauty and Fashion

With AI-powered product attribution from Lily AI, brands and retailers can automatically enrich their entire catalog with not just product details like fabrics, embellishments, closures, and fit, but also styles, occasions, and, the latest trends, just like the ones above. Marketers and merchandisers can easily curate product collections for “on-trend” marketing campaigns and launch those promotions faster, capitalizing on trends earlier

As the fashion and beauty industries embrace today’s hottest throwback era, staying attuned to evolving consumer preferences is paramount. By aligning products with the marquee elements and micro-trends discussed, coupled with the power of AI, retailers can position themselves for success in of 2024.

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