The Trends are In: What to Wear at Shoptalk 2024

Not sure what to pack for Shoptalk 2024? Want to be among the trendiest attendees? Lily AI has you covered with fashion, beauty, and home trends.

Move on from Paris Fashion Week already! The next trendiest week in fashion, home, and beauty will be Shoptalk 2024!

In all seriousness though, we’re so excited for one of retail’s biggest events of the year. Lily AI will be attending Shoptalk in Las Vegas at at Table #1900, and our CEO and Co-Founder Purva Gupta will be speaking at the event.

Part of Lily AI’s expertise lies in understanding trends and helping retailers capitalize on them. To show off our retail know-how, our team will show up and show out in some of today’s hottest trends in fashion and beauty. Below are some of the looks we’ll be sporting at the show. 

Keep an eye out for the following trends while in Vegas . . .  And be sure to stop by Table #1900 to see them for yourself. 

Spring/Summer Trends to Wear to Shoptalk 2024

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest trends in fashion, home, and beauty, all of which you’ll likely see at Shoptalk 2024. 

Double Denim

Double denim trend for Shoptalk 2024

This Y2K-inspired throwback has made its way into the lexicon of classic fashion! Pairing a denim top with denim bottoms is a look that’s beloved by all generations. If you want some inspiration on how to pull it off, we suggest checking out one of Diesel’s most recent collections of double denim menswear. 


Barbiecore trend for Shoptalk 2024

It was the color of the summer, and after Barbie (and just Ken!) were honored at The Oscars, bright pink is still popping off. One of our own customers—Bloomingdale’s—has a great Barbiecore-themed collection, if you’re interested in shopping for the look. 

Eclectic Grandpa 

Eclectic Grandpa trend for Shoptalk 2024

It may sound like a flash-in-the-pan TikTok trend, but fashion icon Tyler the Creator has been championing this aesthetic for a long time. In fact, he recently collaborated with Levi’s to bring that iconic flare to men’s fashion. And it’s finally caught on. Eclectic Grandpa’s over-the-top statements call to some of the trends we named in the Spring/Summer 2024 Trends Report.  

Icy Blue

Icy Blue fashion trend for Shoptalk 2024

This cool color was the hottest shade at The Oscars, with Hollywood’s brightest stars and biggest winners all wearing it. Just like Eclectric Grandpa, Lily AI’s team of retail experts predicted Icy Blue would be big in our Spring/Summer 2024 Trends Report. In it, we discuss how Ferragamo is one of the first brands to do icy, bold blue in a big way. 

Strawberry Girl 

Strawberry Girl beauty trend for Shoptalk 2024

It’s a look that’s fresh-faced with just a little flush. Hailey Beiber’s brand Rhode exemplifies the Strawberry Girl aesthetic, with its skincare and subtle cosmetics. When in Vegas, you’ve got to hydrate, wear sunscreen, and take care of yourself . . . and the Strawberry Girl look is an effortless way to look chic while prioritizing self-care.

Mob Wife

Mob Wife trend for Shoptalk 2024

Speaking of effortless looks, Carmela Soprano is the only person who makes this trend seem effortless. The Mob Wife aesthetic took over TikTok this winter, with women wearing gobs of gold, fur coats, dark sunglasses, and bold makeup. Reformation offers sustainable clothing that showcases this aesthetic’s affinity for cheetah print and figure-hugging silhouettes.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury trend for Shoptalk 2024

This trend’s been big for the last year. Perhaps it’ll be considered a classic soon enough. The enthusiasm for Quiet Luxury is ongoing . . . and in what is perhaps the gaudiest city on the planet, wearing clothing that whispers “wealth” will be a nice contrast to Vegas’ flashing neon lights. Of course, Ralph Lauren offers beautiful, accessible stealth-wealth pieces, if you need to grab some before Shoptalk begins!


Botanica home trend for Shoptalk 2024

Of course, part of the fun of Shoptalk is that it takes place in Vegas, and there’s no greater place to scope out beautiful interior design than that exact city. Botanica is one of this Spring’s biggest accessory trends, and we expect to see it booming in the home sector. Wayfair sells a variety of tropical-themed home accessories, if you feel inspired by the gorgeous hotels and scenery you see at the show. 

Make the Most of the Trends You See at Shoptalk

You’ll absolutely see these trends on the floor of Shoptalk, and they won’t be worn by just the Lily AI team at Table #1900. They’ll be huge . . . and we’ve known that for quite some time now. 

In fact, we can help your brand capitalize on this current trend cycle AND the next one. By injecting customer-centric language throughout your retail ecosystem, Lily AI helps brands and retailers capitalize on the latest trends, subjective product descriptions, and objective product details to deliver a 9-figure revenue lift

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