Internationally-Inspired Trends: Travel Clothes, Greek Decor & Celestial Beauty

Stay at The White Lotus. Sail the Aegean Sea. Take a trip to the stars. These Spring/Summer trends, inspired by international—and sometimes intergalactic—destinations.

Welcome to Spring Break season. Summer vacation is right around the corner. You may have a destination wedding coming up. Or a quick weekend getaway. No matter what flights or road trips you’re planning, travel is at the top of everyone’s minds. 

The trends our team is tracking across fashion, home, and beauty certainly see travel themes as well. In fact, several of today’s top trends are inspired by international destinations! 

After years of travel restrictions, cancellations, and complications, consumers feel inspired to venture to far-off destinations. Even fictional characters are hitting the road. Many of today’s most popular shows and movies take place at far-off locales. A few destinations we see on our screens include Thailand for the next season of The White Lotus; Jordan and the UAE which hosted shoots for Dune: Part Two; and Palm Beach is the setting for the hit Apple TV show Palm Royale.

Spring/Summer trends include travel clothes, Greek decor and celestial beauty for 2024.

While our fascination with travel isn’t new, it certainly has new life this season. Our Spring/Summer 2024 Trends Report details the exact fashion and home decor trends that our experts say have taken off. And their inspiration comes from, well, everywhere! 

  • Classically Greek-inspired trends are cropping up, with #goddessAesthetic having 9.3 million views on TikTok and Greek decor taking Pinterest by storm.
  • Last year’s Coastal Living trend is evolving in 2024 with 107 million TikTok views.
  • And yet, we see brand new twists on celestial beauty and travel clothing inspired by both warm and cold destinations. 

Wherever you want to go, or wherever you want to emulate, there is surely a jet-setting micro trend to reflect it.

Today’s Internationally-Inspired Trends: Travel Clothes, Greek Decor & Celestial Beauty

Botanica: Tropical Travel Clothes & Accessories

Tropical themes are getting re-energized. Sleek elements take center stage, making bold statements through relaxed silhouettes, saturated colors, and layers. 

Tropical Travel Clothes inspired by the Botanica Trend

Inspired by far-off destinations and pop culture escapism through shows like The White Lotus, which boasted 10.1 million viewers per episode, consumers are ready to escape to somewhere warm with their style.

Hellenistic Revival: Greek Decor Beloved by Modern Consumers

Evoke the feeling of residing by the Aegean Sea with this elegant trend that was part of Pinterest Predicts. Based on consumer searches on Pinterest, the platform saw a 65% boost in popularity for “Ancient Greece Aesthetic” for home decor.

Greek Decor inspired by the Hellenistic Revival Trend

Icy Blue: A Trend Evoking Cooler Destinations

Perhaps in a hard-left from last year’s dominating Barbiecore trend, icy blue now has the spotlight. In fact, it was already a favorite of actresses Emma Stone, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Lupita Nyong’o at the 2024 Academy Awards. With the official Oscar-winners’ endorsements, the cool color’s popularity is set to take off across the warmer months. 

Icy Blue is set to be the clothing color of 2024

This powder blue evokes feelings of ultra-cold destinations, snowy mountaintops, and floating glaciers. Average weekly Google searches for “ice blue” have risen 25% over the last year. Ferragamo’s Spring/Summer collection includes the trend, as #iceBlue already has 138 million views on TikTok.

Celestial Beauty: Summer Solstice Colors

Imagine a 70’s-inspired SoCal look and you’re picturing this trend. Or think about the upcoming total eclipse of the sun. Even more simply—as the trend’s name suggests—the summer solstice lends itself to this beauty trend’s warm color palette.

Summer solstice beauty is the next big celestial beauty trend

2024’s warm take on celestial beauty is all about vibrant, warm sunset tones of red, orange, and yellow. Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year even calls to this trend with perfectly peachy, warm, sunny, and summery vibes.

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