Lily AI’s Fashion Product Taxonomy: What is Barbiecore?

Think pink with the Barbiecore trend and stay up-to-date on all the latest product attributes with Lily AI’s relevant and fresh fashion product taxonomy.

With pops of bright pink and bold fuchsia, Barbiecore is one of the hottest trends at the moment in fashion. Inspired by the upcoming live-action Barbie movie, these solid prints and shades are vibrant and very much Elle Woods (and Lily AI)-approved. It’s time to think (hot) pink! 

What is Barbiecore? 

Derived from the world-famous doll of the same name and aligning with the highly-anticipated Barbie film, slated for release in 2023, Barbiecore is a fun-loving, uber pink-everything trend that has become quite the staple in the fashion world over the past few months

Popular on the red carpet and internet alike, this hue-based craze and latest buzzword in fashion has even built a large audience on social media platforms. For example, on Pinterest, searches for “Barbiecore” jumped by 75% in July 2022. On TikTok, the #barbiecore hashtag has over 131 million views, while the #barbie hashtag counts over 26 billion.

A collection of Barbiecore pink clothing.

Barbiecore’s Fashion Product Attributes

This head-to-toe all-pink style sensation is exactly what you’d imagine it to be – vibrant, iconic, and eye-catching. In terms of diving into the details of the fashion product attributes often associated with Barbiecore, the dressing style is more so minimalist, very glamorous, and ultrafeminine.

The Barbiecore trend is versatile with plenty of fabrics to choose from and unique silhouettes to embrace, ranging from mini dresses to dainty fit-and-flares. Details may include anything from feathers to one of Barbie’s top go-to’s: sparkles. Shoes can vary as well, shifting between ultra-high pumps to jelly block heels and more. And while hot pink is preferred, other shades like bubblegum and fuchsia also embody the vibe of Barbiecore quite well. 

Lily AI’s Fashion Product Taxonomy

To capture the ramped up glamour and femininity of the Barbiecore aesthetic, Lily AI’s fashion product taxonomy has many different embellishment attributes that can be used for this trend. 

For instance, with our ability to highlight and focus on color, especially with the key role it plays in this trend, Lily AI has grown our taxonomy to grasp and expand upon the many variations of pink utilized. Beyond just tagging all your hot pink products as Barbiecore, Lily AI works to keep all the different shades involved tagged accurately and promptly. That way a shopper is still going to find the Barbiecore items they’re looking for, whether they refer to them as “hot pink,” “fuchsia,” “bubblegum,” or some other variation.      

Lily AI’s robust fashion product taxonomy takes into account how real people actually search for items in the real world and can see and tag the differences in high definition. Our trend identification team of domain experts are not only committed to researching short-term and long-term trends, they also identify the relevant tags that embody each of those styles. They then collaborate with the AI-powered automation side to pull and highlight the specific attributes that resonate with each trend.  

Our team continues to evolve Lily’s fashion product taxonomy every day so that Lily AI customers will always receive the latest product attributes associated with trends like Barbiecore and more

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