Lily AI + Shopify Integration: 3 Things You Can Do With Your Saved Time

Lily AI has launched our direct integration to Shopify stores, which makes it faster and easier than ever to enrich your entire product catalog with high-converting, customer-centric product attributes. With all that free time, let’s look at some other things you can now catch up on!

Retailers love using Shopify. And we love making everything simpler, faster, and perform better.

With our new Shopify integration, brands and retailers can automatically export their product catalogs to Lily AI. In return, they’ll receive their industry-leading product attributes that describe physical product details, as well as trends, occasions, and styles. 

Getting started with Lily AI on Shopify can be done in just a click. Now, with a simple, no-code integration, anyone can customize and flexibly manage even the largest of catalogs with minimal overhead. Imagine, with all of this free time and capacity, you can. . . 

Dream up the next great ad campaign! Maybe you’re the next Don Draper. Maybe you really could buy the world a Coke . . . if only you had the time to meditate on your creative ideas. Thanks to the Shopify + Lily AI one-click data export, you’ll get that time. Just turn it on, and Lily AI will get to work, so you can brainstorm how to drive more traffic and new customers to your conversion-optimized website.

Learn a new skill. Rather than slogging through hours of manually tagging products, your brand’s best-converting attributes are injected into your catalog. We suggest that, with all those hours saved, you learn a new skill. Perhaps you can hone your prompt engineering skills . . . or just spend some time reading about AI’s latest and greatest advancements. The Lily AI blog is a great place to start.

Log off for a while. You’ll drive more sales! With AI-optimized products, you’ll see a spike in discoverability, conversion rates, and satisfaction. Customers will effortlessly find exactly what they want in your shop . . . whenever they shop. And what’s a better way to reward yourself for doing great work, than taking a break? Walk the dog, step outside, or go down a TikTok rabbit hole to see what’s trending with this very minute

Get Started with Lily AI’s Shopify Integration

Whether you want to simply save time, drive conversions, or go meditate at Big Sur, now you can take the first step toward achieving your goal. Connect with our team by requesting a demo, and they’ll show how Lily AI’s Shopify integration is ready to make work easier for you. 

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