Partner Spotlight: Bloomreach

Lily AI is enhancing our integration with Bloomreach, making it easier than ever for retailers to supercharge search and online shopping with customer-centric language.

Both Bloomreach and Lily AI are leaders in connecting consumers to products. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that we have partnered to enhance ecommerce product discoverability!

Bloomreach Discovery offers powerful on-site search, which many retailers use to deliver excellent on-site search results to customers. Their commerce-specific algorithms match customers’ search intent to provide the most relevant results. Additionally, their AI fills in gaps to help customers find what they want, even with imperfect product data. Complementing this mission and its efforts, Lily AI brings customer-centric language to product attributions, titles, and descriptions

Together, Lily AI is supercharging Bloomreach Discovery to make product discovery more personal, powerful, and intuitive. This means that high-converting, highly-discoverable human-centric product attributes will populate across your entire catalog with a quick, no-code integration.

Here’s a look at what this partnership looks for four different types of retailers. 

If you’re a Bloomreach customer not using Lily AI . . .

With the Bloomreach-Lily AI partnership, product data for Bloomreach customers will get significantly richer, more detailed, and customer-centric. This is because Lily AI enriches product data to include language that more thoroughly describes items in the ways that customers do. 

Lily AI’s extensive, retail-specific taxonomy includes:

  • Objective attributes, like item types and materials
  • Subjective attributes, like styles and occasions
  • Attribute synonyms, like glossy vs. high shine
  • Macro- and micro-trends, like Barbiecore, Mob Wife, or Blokette
  • Consumer language enrichments, like SEO-focused terms and site search queries

This retail data enrichment is made possible through a combination of:

  • Computer vision, generative AI, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning which all analyze catalog items and suggest attributes
  • A team of domain experts who review trends and incorporate consumer-centric language into Lily’s models
  • The ability to add product attribute tags and meta fields, such as trends and synonyms

If you’re a Lily AI customer not using Bloomreach . . . 

It’s even easier to use Lily AI attributes everywhere when using Bloomreach, and we can integrate and enhance any platform!

Bloomreach Discovery is an e-commerce search and merchandising solution that uncovers limitless opportunities for growth. Powered by rich data and self-learning AI, search starts smart and keeps getting smarter. Merchandisers can tap into endless optimizations for even greater relevance and faster results. 

Due to the massive dataset Bloomreach has built up over the last decade, its search engine already knows how to adapt to customers’ behavior and its impact is immediate.

Bloomreach is the only product discovery solution with a multi-layered personalization strategy.

  • It’s the only search solution with query-level, 1:1 personalization
  • It offers segment-based personalization, and retailers can bring their own or build with Bloomreach Engagement
  • It offers recommendations and pathways—which arereal-timem user-personalized product recommendations based on previous purchases.

Bloomreach also offers merchandisers the perfect balance between AI automation and smart customization, all while iterating quickly with A/B testing to inform every decision.

When using both Bloomreach and Lily, retailers can monitor product and tag performance on a centralized dashboard within the Lily AI app. They can also review and manage their attributes within this app, while publishing their enriched product attributes directly to Bloomreach.

If you’re a customer of both Bloomreach and Lily AI . . .

Data enrichment is automated and seamless, thanks to our direct integration! Minimal manual effort is required when adding new products to your catalog, as AI takes care of much of these processes. Onboarding time is also decreased because no taxonomy mapping is required at that time.

If you’re not a customer of either . . .

Our partnership is the power combo needed to maximize your ecommerce and search performance and sales! You can get started here!

Supercharge your search with customer centricity!

Want to learn more? Schedule time with our team and we’ll show you how easy it is for Bloomreach customers to get started with Lily . . . and for Lily customers to get started with Bloomreach.

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