The Blush Rush: How to Capitalize on 3 Blush Beauty Trends

Beauty brands and retailers know what blush beauty trends are BIG right now . . . So how can they capitalize on these trends in their product attributes? 

Blush is big. In fact, right now, it’s quite beloved! 

Techniques and trends for applying and wearing blush are changing, with some even more dramatic looks becoming commonplace.

To get a sense of what we’re calling “The Blush Rush,” here’s a look at some current stats surrounding blush in the beauty industry:

  • Currently, the hashtag #blush has a staggering 4.8 billion views on TikTok.
  • In the US, blush sales in the prestige market were up 60% in 2023 to $427 million.
  • Interest in liquid blush grew 32% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 86K searches per month.

Since there are so many ways to wear a healthy flush on your cheeks these days, we’re examining three key blush-focused trends. We’ll dive into the key components of each trend, take a look at a trendsetter who’s bringing the look to the masses, and a brand or retailer who is going all-in on each trend, too.

Blush Trend #1: Summer Solstice Beauty

The Look: Imagine a 70’s-inspired So Cal look and you’re picturing this trend. It’s all about vibrant, warm sunset tones of red, orange, and yellow. Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year calls to this trend with perfectly peachy, warm, sunny, and summery vibes. 

Summer Solstice Blush Beauty Trend

What Makes This Trend? 

  • Beauty Style: Glam Beauty, Edgy Beauty 
  • Colors: Coral, Gold, Mustard, Orange, Red, Yellow Color 
  • Family: Bright Colors, Light Colors, Dark Colors 
  • Finish: Matte, Glossy, Metallic, Shimmer

Stand-Out Trendsetter: Sabrina Carpenter, who’s had early summer’s biggest hit with #1 song Espresso, is known for her warm, rosy blush looks. A mix of bronzer and blush has become a signature look of hers, from her performance at Gov Ball to her music videos. 

Stand-Out Summer Solstice Beauty Brand: Charlotte Tilbury’s viral cream blush has received high praise on social media, being named a favorite of many influencers like Madison Beer. In fact the #madisonbeermakeup hashtag showcasing Tilbury’s blush products has over 18.5 million views on TikTok.

Blush Trend #2: Fairycore

The Look: Explore the aesthetics of magical worlds and the spiritual elements of nature. This enchanting makeup trend calls to fantastical folklore and daring, drag-inspired looks. In fact, #fairyCore has a whopping 5 billion views on TikTok alone.

Fairycore Blush Beauty Trend

What Makes This Trend?

  • Beauty Style: Glam Beauty, Edgy Beauty 
  • Colors: Green, Olive, Pink, Purple, Iridescent, Holographic, Lavender 
  • Color Family: Light and Dark Colors, Light and Dark Neutrals, Pastels 
  • Finish: Matte, Glitter, Glossy, Metallic, Shimmer

Stand-Out Trendsetter: Chappell Roan is known for avant garde makeup looks, all of which include heavy, colorful eye makeup accompanied by bold blush. Having dressed as a fairy onstage—and requesting her show attendees dress up too—she exemplifies the Fairycore trend. 

Stand-Out Fairycore Brand: Huda Beauty is going all-in on the Fairycore fantasy, offering tutorials on how to create its bold looks, listing product recommendations with each how-to.

Blush Trend #3: Strawberry Girl

The Look: Originating from Hailey Bieber and amassing over 13.9 million views on TikTok, the Strawberry Girl beauty trend features a fresh-faced look with touches of red throughout the cheeks, lips, fingers, and toes.

Strawberry Girl Blush Beauty Trend

What Makes This Trend? 

  • Beauty Style: Natural Beauty 
  • Colors: Red, Maroon, Burgundy 
  • Finish: Matte, Glossy 
  • Product Type: Face, Lips, Nails 

Stand-Out Trendsetter: Mrs. Bieber herself is THE Strawberry Girl. Her beauty looks and routines prioritize healthy glowing cheeks so much, that she even has a pink skincare smoothie in her product arsenal. 

Stand-Out Strawberry Girl Brand: Rhode, Bieber’s beauty brand, exemplifies the aesthetic, offering hydrating skincare products and glowy red tints.

How to Capitalize on The Blush and Other Beauty Trends

Beauty brands can capitalize on beauty trends like these—and many others—with AI-powered product attribution. 

When brands and retailers include product attributes—like glossy, matte, metallic, shimmer—as well as trends and occasions in which people would wear the products—think “Fairycore festival blush,” for example—customers can connect with their products faster than ever. 

Including robust, AI-powered product attributes throughout your catalog lifts revenue upward of 9 figures and drives results across Google Search, on-site search, and more.

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