2024 Fashion Trends: Wellness

Just in time for the new year, let’s explore why comfortable, lifestyle-focused fashion and beauty are the next evolution of athleisure.

Athleisure is a permanent—dare we say classic—staple in fashion. From its origins over a century ago to its mainstream popularity of the early 2000s, fashion focused on activity, health, and well-being has been constantly evolving. More recently, this look took form in the ultra-comfortable clothing that complemented our at-home (or work-from-home) post-pandemic lives. 

In 2024 though, we see this theme take another step forward into the realm of wellness. Experts analyzed fashion and beauty trends from the runway to social media and see that a focus on wellness will dominate across the next year. On social media, we’ve seen several major wellness-themed trends in practice across 2023. This year, the topic has made its way into the fashion space too, with major brands showcasing comfortable clothing, calming accessories, and fresh-faced looks. 

 As fashion and beauty retailers venture into 2024, the demand for products that align with wellness is reaching new heights.

2024 fashion trends are all about wellness

What Do Consumers Want In Wellness? 

No longer merely a lifestyle choice, wellness is now a significantly influential trend in global fashion and beauty. In regards to fashion, activewear sales are booming and many retailers have added wellness/fitness/athleisure-focused offerings to their collections. Its popularity goes beyond the gym too. People have been long wearing activewear in the casual, non-athletic parts of their lives for both its versatility and functional comfort.

Social media, particularly platforms like TikTok, has played a pivotal role in the rise of wellness. In fact, beauty-focused content has influenced 89% of the app’s total users to make purchases.

skincare wellness is on the rise

So what are the wellness-focused 2024 fashion trends and beauty buzzes that will take consumers by storm? Let’s dive in.

Three 2024 Fashion Trends Focused on Wellness (And One Big Beauty Trend)

Puffy Sandals

With over 40.7 million views on TikTok, this airy silhouette will be everywhere this summer. It’s a bold and playful summer shoe that mixes minimalist and edgy styles. It’s generally supportive and comfy, made of either leather or synthetic rubber.  Reminiscent of the 90s/early 2000s puffy sandal trend, these shoes are often adored with embellishments that may include rhinestones, logos, or stitching.

a wellness-focused fashion trend 2024 are puffy sandals

Bottega Veneta transformed this style into today’s version of the trend, bringing a puffy look to a range of shoes, from elegant heels to practical flats.

When shopping for puffy sandals, people also search for “cloud slides” or “puffy slides,” among other synonyms.

Long Pendants

Long pendants on necklaces are making a comeback, featuring natural stones, shells, and modular metal charms. Chloé’s Spring 2024 ready-to-wear collection showcased several long pendants, featuring these necklaces on clothing reminiscent to the Coastal Grandmother trend. This aesthetic often includes soothing shell pendants or beads and mother of pearl, which is believed to have a calming effect.

long pendants are a fashion trend for 2024

People also search for “shell pendants” and “gold bell charms,” among other synonyms, when shopping for this look.

Soft Workwear

Soft men’s workwear continues to redefine traditional work attire, offering a more elevated look that is both functional and fashionable. It’s inspired by midcentury tropical motifs and sturdy, relaxed fits. This trend expands “island time” beyond vacation to showcase it as a lifestyle choice. 

menswear 2024 trends include soft workwear

Beyond tropical motifs, it can also feature embroidery and classic pinstripes with a touch of edge. Dior front-lined these looks in their men’s Summer 2023 show, drawing inspiration from Christian Dior’s childhood home of Normandy.

When shopping for this trend, consumers search for “sweater polo” and “Key West charm,” among other synonyms.

Strawberry Girl

Originating from Hailey Bieber and amassing over 13.9 million views on TikTok, the Strawberry Girl beauty trend features a fresh-faced look with a touch of red. The look consists of a natural dewy base, with a generous amount of red-tone blush on the cheeks and nose for a healthy glow. A pop of red may appear on the lips too.

strawberry girl is one of the top beauty trends 2024

Rhode, Bieber’s beauty brand, exemplifies the #strawberrygirl aesthetic, offering a variety of hydrating skincare products and tints to give lips and cheeks that healthy red glow.

Shoppers are looking for “red blush” and “faux freckles,” among other searches, to achieve the Strawberry Girl look.

fashion trends 2024 and beauty trends 2024

Use AI to Capitalize on 2024 Fashion Trends

With AI-powered product attribution from Lily AI, brands and retailers can automatically enrich their entire catalog with not just product details like embellishments, fabrics, and fits, but also styles, occasions, and, the latest trends, like those above. Marketers and merchandisers can easily curate product collections for “on-trend” marketing campaigns, then launch those promotions faster, capitalizing on fads earlier.

As the fashion and beauty industries embrace everything wellness-focused, staying attuned to evolving consumer preferences is paramount. By aligning products with the micro trends discussed, coupled with the power of AI, retailers can position themselves for success in the wellness-focused landscape of 2024.

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