Visual Search helps your shoppers quickly get to what they’re looking for.

Drive powerful recommendations for users and make your library of product images instantly shoppable. Visual search is the way to move beyond text-based keyword searches and connect with a shopper’s eyes, not their fingers.

Visual Search

How it works.

Shopping is a visual activity. We shop based on what we see, not what we type. Lily AI’s visual search technology uses object detection, classification and visual similarity models on top of our hierarchy of deep learning and NLP models to identify the products in a reference image, then return products that are visually similar.

Supercharge social commerce with Visual Search.

Upload a picture, and see all of the products in the catalog that closely match what’s in the photo. Visual search is language-agnostic, helping retailers speak the same language everywhere in the world. And in a world that’s increasingly mobile-first, visual search is the new lingua fraca for online shopping.

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Visual Search in 2022: On-Demand Webinar

Learn how thredUP and Lily AI help shoppers “Thrift the Look,” and what it takes to make images shop-able and supercharge social commerce.
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thredUP Increases Sell-Through by 15% with Enriched Product Data from Lily AI

thredUP and Lily AI: the Highlights 15%+ sell-through lift 275,000+ images tagged per week 2%+ conversion rate lift for customers who’ve purchased >2 times 2.8%+ conversion rate lift on iOS Favorites per user increased by 2.1% Co-development of innovative “Thrift The Look” shopping experience
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