Supercharge your existing site search engine with
customer-centric product data.

Add exceptional depth, accuracy and the language consumers actually use to your product catalog, and make it easier for your shoppers to find what they’re looking for.

How it works

Lily AI is the only platform that combines deep product attribute data & customer intent in the e-commerce stack at scale. By matching deep tagging of products (with 15,000+ attributes) with deep profiling of consumer motivationsBy injecting extensive product attributes with the industry’s highest speed, depth and accuracy across your existing e-commerce stack, we provide a customer-centered language that is a foundational, core layer to power modern retail., Lily AI can help present every unique consumer with exactly what they’re looking for in real time.

On-site searches now show customers the results they’re truly expecting, along with targeted recommendations to help boost order sizes.

Stop the endless site-search scroll.

It’s no longer acceptable to return 10-plus pages of results that drop off dramatically in relevance after the first click. Customers are looking for focused, relevant suggestions that evolve their previous search history and resonate with their current context. By using granular product data and enabling long-tail semantic searches and predictive autocomplete, retailers can guide users directly to the items they really want.

It’s not just about finding the product. Sites that support semantic searches (which requires enhanced product data) can see cart abandonment rates drop down to as low as 2%.

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