Infographic: Home Decor and Harnessing Customer-Centric Home Product Attributes

Effective and accurate home product attribution that bridges the gap between brand-speak and customer-speak can not only help your shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, it can also help deliver higher conversion rates, more full-margin sales, and increased sell-through.

It’s no surprise that shoppers looking to spruce up their homes with goods aren’t going to stick around if the process of product discovery is frustrating. 

So, how can you improve their shopping experience? The answer is to boost discovery by utilizing a comprehensive, human-crafted, AI-powered product attribute taxonomy that uses the words consumers actually use to describe the products they’re looking to buy.


Lily AI's infographic on home decor and home product attribution

Harness Home Product Attribution with Lily AI

Drive conversions, boost sell-through, and help shoppers fill their homes with the right decor with a consistent, seamless, and enriched approach to home product attributes.
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