3 Big Takeaways From Report On Gen AI Transforming Brand Experiences

Gen AI impacts every customer journey stage. Here are 3 key takeaways from Retail TouchPoints’ new report, which explores the effects of AI at each consumer-to-customer step.

Retail TouchPoints just published a new Tech Guide titled “3 Ways Generative AI is Transforming Brand Experiences.” This guide dives into how AI positively impacts consumers at three critical stages of their buying journeys—discovery, recommendation, and conversion. 

Take a look at our executive summary, which explores how generative AI positively impacts each of those three critical customer steps.

Generative AI is changing—and enhancing—product discovery. From improving search experiences to creating on-brand and optimized content, generative AI is changing the ways people find the products they want. It’s critical that retailers ensure both paid and organic investments work extremely well and are optimized for performance. Generative AI offers greater opportunities to do so, by tying in SEO- and brand-friendly copy into retail content, product titles, descriptions, and attributes.

Product recommendations are more personalized. With 40% of retail executives telling Forbes that AI-based customer personalization efforts have direct impacts on maximizing sales, basket sizes, and profits, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Retail TouchPoints’ report explores how AI-powered product recommendations are driving growth in sales for some of the world’s largest retailers.

The conversion process is getting a big boost. The report dives into ways that retailers are helping customers visualize and understand their products more thoroughly, while optimizing the confirmation and purchase experience. From AR try-on technology to customizing product designs and styles, AI is helping retailers make their customers feel cared-for and catered-to at every step of their purchases.

In addition, the report includes a section authored by Lily AI Co-Founder and CEO, Purva Gupta, on the Do’s and Don’ts of using AI to make shopping experiences more magical.

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3 Takeaways from Retail TouchPoints' gen AI report