Why Product Attributes Are Key to Dominating Search on Google, and Beyond: Part 2

AI-powered search and discovery is here. Here’s what’s changing, plus a sneak peek at how retailers and brands can dominate search.

Search is changing, thanks to AI. You have no doubt heard this already and are strategizing on your next steps.

As it evolves, almost all eyes are on Google. Google has recently released their own AI-powered search to the public, as a means to keep up with evolutions ushered in by advancement in generative AI. Apple is finally jumping in the game, too, as they announced several AI-powered advancements at their latest developer conference.

In retail, search is the bridge between product discovery and purchase. Investing in the right search strategies is critical to driving traffic and sales. Here, we look at the search landscape to see what’s changing and how…

The evolving search and shopping habits of today’s consumers

Alongside the technological evolution of search ushered in by generative AI, consumer shopping habits also continue to evolve and include a variety of search mediums and channels. Today, consumers are. . .

Still Using Search Engines:

  • Most shopping starts with search. As 44% of customer journeys start with an internet search via Google or another search engine, more than any other channel.
  • Google is still king. Google is the largest search engine, though its popularity is slowly declining as competition heats up and generational shopping behaviors shift.
  • From search to answer engines. Zero-click search engines, like Perplexity.AI, provide answers and summaries, not links.

Also Searching Outside of Search Engines:

Shopping In New Channels:

The expected evolution and further diversification of appetites for search and shopping will result in a massive shakeup of SEO and SEM, and advertising and ecommerce best practices. It’ll be sink or swim, and retailers will need to adapt. In fact, Gartner predicts search engine volume will drop 25% by 2026 due to AI chatbots and other virtual agents.

Dominating Google Search and beyond

This brings us back to the biggest question on every retailer’s mind: What will the future of Search and Shopping look like? How will AI impact Google Merchant Center and similar search-based shopping platforms? For now, nobody has the answer . . . not even the king of search (and video) Google/YouTube.

Yet the search fundamentals are likely to remain the same: content relevance is key. Content relevance starts with highly detailed, comprehensive product copy and attributes that reflect the natural language of the consumer. In our upcoming part 3, we’ll show you how to enrich your product copy to dominate search in Google and beyond.

ICYMI: in part 1 we also covered how to optimize Google Product Listings Ads, check it out!

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