Retailer’s Guide: 7 Ways to Elevate the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Product Attribution


In the retailer’s quest to delight customers by investing in consumer data and insights, they have underinvested in a critical area: their own product data.


By harnessing the language of the customer to better describe their products, retailers can transform merchandising, e-commerce, and marketing–and deliver more enjoyable shopping experiences that drive sales and build loyalty.


In this Retailer’s Guide, we’ll show you the 7 ways to get started with AI-powered, customer-centric product attribution!


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Get a Preview of the Guide’s 7 Ways (Warning - Spoilers Ahead!)

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Supercharge Site Search

The missing link in your CX and site search strategy isn’t a search platform, it’s customer-centric product attribution.

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Boost Personalization and Recommendations

Nothing says “you get me” like relevant product recommendations, yet effective personalization is easier said than done!

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Optimize Filters and Facets

Filters and facets are a core part of every website, and for good reason–they make shopping easier!

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Create Product Descriptions that Convert

Improve PDPs by highlighting all of the most shopper-friendly and search-optimized product attributes.

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Amplify SEM and SEO

Help shoppers find precisely what they’re looking for faster while boosting rankings and optimizing CPC and CAC.

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Easily Curate Featured Collections and Trend Campaigns

Easily curate and launch promotions to help shoppers explore all the latest looks and trends.

Sharpen Demand Forecasting

Optimize assortment planning by uncovering new, actionable insights into product purchases and consumer preferences.

Ready to Enhance Your Product Attribution and Start Reaping the Benefits?

If you’re ready to start your journey to enhanced product data enrichment, you’ve come to the right place. Lily AI helps retailers boost product discovery and conversion by turning qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered language at a high volume with unprecedented accuracy and scale.

Why Lily AI?

Lily AI enables brands and retailers to speak in the language of their customer, helping to boost site conversion, order size, and full margin sales. By automating and dramatically enhancing the product data attribution process, Lily AI increases product sell-through and drives 8-9 figure revenue uplift for some of the world’s leading retailers and brands.

With the deepest image recognition platform for retail, the Lily AI product attributes platform injects customer-centric attributes across the breadth of the existing retail stack to drive immediate relevance and connect shoppers with the products they’re really looking to buy.


Product Recommendations and Personalization

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Bringing AI Science to the Art of Merchandising with Product Attribution Data

Merchandising is both an art and a science. One of the best ways to meet today’s core challenges in retail and connect shoppers with what they’re looking for is to infuse customer-centric product attribute data into your existing e-commerce stack.    
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