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Is your product taxonomy truly helping shoppers to find what they’re looking for?

If you’re like most retailers, the product attributes in your descriptions are probably a little…inadequate. This makes product discovery challenging – even frustrating – for your customers. Ensuring closer alignment of product attributes and how shoppers actually describe and search for your products is the key to maximizing e-commerce conversions and order values – and that requires more granular, customer-centric product attribution data for optimized product tagging.


There are huge advantages to enhancing your product attribution. That’s why we’ve put together the 6 key ways retailers can benefit in The Retailer’s Step-by-Step Guide to Using Enhanced Product Attribution Data.


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Get a Preview of the Guide’s 6 Benefits (Warning - Spoilers Ahead!)


Learn how to enhance site search with product attribution data.

Enrich your existing site search engine with customer-centric product data. 


Supercharge personalization within the retail e-commerce stack.

Deliver personalized shopping experiences in less than 5 clicks. 


Master how to boost your SEO and SEM no matter what is displayed on the virtual clothes rack.

Relevant product data powers relevant search results. 


Meet the goals of your shoppers by building stronger product discovery, filters and facets & more.

Bring AI-powered science to the art of merchandising. 


Discover the key to building product descriptions that convert.

Help your shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for with accurate product attributes. 


Learn how to optimize inventory for better demand forecasting.

Anticipate demand with proxy products, sell at full margins, and eliminate overstocking once and for all.


Ready to Enhance Your Product Attribution and Start Reaping the Benefits?

If you’re ready to start your journey to enhanced product data enrichment, you’ve come to the right place. Lily AI helps retailers boost product discovery and conversion by turning qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered language at a high volume with unprecedented accuracy and scale.

Why Lily AI?

Our robust, AI-powered image recognition extracts over 15,000 product attributes, allowing retailers to configure 10x more attributes for every product – from fit to style, from embellishments to occasion, and much more.

What makes our AI so powerful is the marriage of our AI technology with the human touch of our in-house domain experts team. As seen time and again, even the most well-crafted automation solution will often miss important details that consumers actually care about. That’s why the Lily AI’s product taxonomy is driven by a dedicated, in-house domains expert team that bring deep backgrounds in fashion, technology and retailing, and who are experts in helping retailers and brands control product accuracy and depth.

“It all needs to start with the customer. The context of what they are trying to accomplish — their progress in refreshing their closet or finding a specific piece for an event — does not come from segmentation alone. Lily AI’s customer intent platform understands what our customer is trying to do and offers the right recommendations to them.”

Chris Homer
Co-Founder and COO, thredUP

“As the world’s leading wholesale management platform, we are constantly looking to enhance the value we provide to our brands and retailers from end-to-end. With Lily AI’s extensive image attribution and mapping capabilities, retailers can avoid tedious manual inputs and seamlessly upload more optimized product descriptions to their site.”

Kristin Savila


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Bringing AI Science to the Art of Merchandising with Product Attribution Data

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