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The Latest from Lily AI

Person's hands using a search bar to look for products while shopping.

How to Capitalize on Shoppers’ Search Diversity

Different shoppers search uniquely, making it essential for retail e-commerce brands to build the right product taxonomy to capture both common and long-tail searches.
Fashionable man and woman wearing sunglasses on trend for retail shoppers.

Build a Better Brand Initiative with Lily AI’s Taxonomy

Getting the right items out at the right time can be a tricky art to master. Luckily, Lily AI’s taxonomy fits right on time with your brand initiative schedule.
Image showing a variety of different clothing hanging on racks at a thrifting retailer.

Thrift the Look with Lily AI’s Fashion Product Attribution

Resale in retail is not a new concept, but it has recently expanded from physical locations to online stores too. To put your best thrifting foot forward, check out our top tips.

Bringing AI Science to the Art of Merchandising with Product Attribution Data

Merchandising is both an art and a science. One of the best ways to meet today’s core challenges in retail and connect shoppers with what they’re looking for is to infuse customer-centric product attribute data into your existing e-commerce stack.