Actionable search insights, all in one place.

The Lily AI Search Analytics Dashboard is the centralized hub that helps retailers understand and act on customers’ search trends, conversions and other actionable KPIs.

Tablet showing conversions in the Lily AI's Search Analytics Dashboard.
Computer showing null results in Lily AI's Search Analytics Dashboard.

Null search results are now a thing of the past.

Ready to match your existing inventory with the way customers actually search? See which search results are coming up blank to identify bottlenecks, and to make adjustments directly to any product’s taxonomy to maximize it being found and purchased.

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Team of people looking at their computer to review Lily AI's search analytics dashboard.

Bridge the gaps in your search strategy and tools with the language of the customer.

Unlike existing retail analytics dashboards, Lily AI empowers retailers with actionable insights to diagnose bottlenecks in conversion funnels and increase product discoverability for shoppers. It ensures accurate product data is being fed to your entire tech stack to ensure a seamless and effective customer shopping experience on your site.

Computer showing Search trends from Lily AI's search analytics dashboard.

See and act on your customers’ search trends earlier.

What are your customers searching for? Which product attributes are actually driving conversion? Are you missing out on a new core trend?

Now you can easily extract insights on your core search KPIs using the lens of the consumer, rather than merely looking at generic search volumes over time. Identify industry trends and winning keyword strategies, as well as new attributes to instantly add to your products that drive conversion and higher AOV.

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Lily AI's "6 Steps to E-commerce Site Search That Converts" Downloadable Guide Book.

6 Steps to E-Commerce Site Search That Converts

Want huge gains in both revenues and customer satisfaction? We’ve outlined some of the current challenges, as well as 6 potential solutions that will help the modern e-commerce retailer make on-site search one of the very best things they do.
Photo of the Lily AI's Search Analytics Dashboard in use to show search trends.

The Power of Actionable Search Insights at Your Fingertips

Having truly actionable retail search analytics is a secret weapon that allows for rapid decision-making and action based on relevant search data. Learn how Lily AI’s Search Analytics Dashboard empowers retailers to fill the gaps in their existing search engine.
A line of people dressed in preppy clothing by a fashion retailer that boosted their online product discovery.

Large Multi-Brand Retailer Boosts Product Discovery from On-site Search by 8.5%, Projecting to $22M Increase in Revenue Across Brands

How one of North America’s premier multi-brand retailers unlocked product discovery for their extensive catalog of clothing and apparel using the power of robust product attribution data.
Female fashion model posing in luxury fashion outfit with a round purse.

Global Luxury Retailer Increases Relevant Results for Descriptive Searches by up to 30x, Driving Incremental Revenue

A global luxury retailer wanted to improve its online search conversion and turned to Lily AI and its rich product data enrichment for help.