How To Write Product Descriptions That Resonate With All Types of Shoppers


How To Write Product Descriptions That Resonate With All Types of Shoppers

Too many retailers still treat writing product descriptions as a step to skip, or a task to tackle once the store is already live. That’s a missed opportunity. Product descriptions are essential for connecting with customers, attracting them to the store and turning them into buyers once they’re there. If you’re still using generic product descriptions, find out how to power up your customer experience with relevant product descriptions that address urgent and trending needs.

What Does a Relevant Product Description Look Like?

One of the most common mistakes retailers make with product descriptions is sticking with the manufacturer’s copy. Not only does that carry the risk of communicating product-centric benefits that ignore each customer’s context and psychographic profile, it also limits the likelihood of attracting attention in terms of SEO. Search engines will treat generic manufacturer descriptions as duplicate content and rank the page lower than one using unique, targeted product descriptions. 

More ambitious retailers might hire a professional copywriter or SEO expert, or outsource to an agency that specializes in product copy. Be wary of those that produce high volumes of product descriptions with little insight into customer context. It’s not as simple as rewriting the manufacturer’s description in more flowery or sensational language. 

Copy Checklist

  • Avoid describing what a product is. Product descriptions should champion the benefits, not the features. For example, saying that a shirt is “for men” does not address a need. Pointing out that it is iron-free for “men in a hurry” is more likely to turn a browser into a buyer
  • Make the copy and image complement each other, so that the product description pulls out hidden features that the image doesn’t show. 
  • Target a psychographic profile with the product description, not just a demographic. Broad, sweeping, generic descriptions lack the detail to stimulate desire, even when the intent is there.

The Benefits of Granular Clothing Descriptions

The more considered and specific the product description, the more personalized the shopping experience for the customer. And when customers are engaged with personalized, dynamic content they are more likely to convert and less likely to abandon a purchase in the shopping cart or return the item after delivery. Crucially, by tying product descriptions to a specific goal (such as decreased cart abandonment) and testing relentlessly, retailers of any type - fashion, home furnishings, beauty or others - can improve average order value and customer lifetime value. In that sense, product descriptions should evolve, taking into account the insight from each customer interaction. Shoppers themselves will reveal which attributes matter most, simply by purchasing those items that highlight specific features or leaving items that are missing the deal clincher in the shopping cart.

How Lily AI Supports High-Converting Product Descriptions

Not only does Lily AI allow a much more granular level of product detail, with over 15,000 product attributes available, it also feeds back deep product data from each customer interaction. That allows retailers to optimize and target their product descriptions with increasing sophistication. With Lily AI, retailers can unlock the value of the implicit and explicit information that customers provide with each visit. As much as shoppers are searching for solutions, they are also providing clues the moment they arrive on the landing page. Generic descriptions treat all options as equal. Granular product descriptions nudge behavior — and boost conversions — based on specific context.


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