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Man smiling at his phone while discovering new products while online shopping.

The Top 3 Tips for Transforming Product Discovery

Even if you have all the right products as a retailer, it’s an issue if shoppers can’t actually find them. Transform your taxonomy and product discovery capabilities with our top tips.
Fashion model in a green dress with a tribal bracelet with large fauna behind her.

How to Connect Shoppers to What They Want and Need with Customer-Centric Product Recommendations

Relevant product recommendations are evergreen and not something to skimp on for shoppers. Learn how to connect consumers to what they want and need with a more customer-centric shopping experience. 
Female fashion model posing in luxury fashion outfit with a round purse.

Global Luxury Retailer Increases Relevant Results for Descriptive Searches by up to 30x, Driving Incremental Revenue

A global luxury retailer wanted to improve its online search conversion and turned to Lily AI and its rich product data enrichment for help.
Collection of fashion accessories that showcases the power of Lily AI's demand forecasting.

Lily AI Demand Forecasting Provides Accuracy at Scale, Driving 7-8 Digit Revenue Lift for Multi-Brand Apparel and Accessories Retailer

By utilizing Lily AI product data for demand prediction and forecasting, a large multi-brand apparel and accessories retailer boosted topline revenue by $7-$48 million.