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Lily AI's "Accurately connecting people with products: The retail e-commerce guide to product discovery" downloadable guide book.

The Retail E-Commerce Guide to Product Discovery

Understand how retail product discovery can flounder across SEO, SEM, on-site search and recommendations in this comprehensive guide to using the language of the customer to drive better conversion and higher revenues.
Photo of the Lily AI's Search Analytics Dashboard in use to show search trends.

The Power of Actionable Search Insights at Your Fingertips

Having truly actionable retail search analytics is a secret weapon that allows for rapid decision-making and action based on relevant search data. Learn how Lily AI’s Search Analytics Dashboard empowers retailers to fill the gaps in their existing search engine.
Sean Gouldson, Lily AI’s Head of Presales

Effective Product Attribution Q&A with Lily AI’s Sean Gouldson

Sean Gouldson, Lily AI’s Head of Presales, discusses some of the top questions asked about Lily AI’s product attribution management capabilities.
Man with glasses smiling at his phone while searching a retail site for products.

The Top 6 Tips for Improving Site Search

Optimize site search for modern shoppers by understanding some of the key challenges in retail and how to improve e-commerce search conversion with our top six tips.