Intent-driven personalization for every unique shopper.

Lily AI’s consumer intelligence beautifully uncovers the relationships between product attributes and how they intersect with each unique consumer’s behavior, motivations and emotional context. It’s how retailers can present every unique consumer with exactly what they’re looking for in real time.

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Consumer Intelligence Lily AI
Lily AI Platform
  • Prefers minimalist look
  • Also browses darker colors
  • Purchases end tables

Personalized concierge shopping experiences are finally available online.

Lily AI Consumer Intelligence brings the wisdom of a personal shopper who knows each consumer’s taste, fit and style to help dramatically tame the chaos of e-commerce.


You’ll know more about what shoppers are browsing and buying, and provide them with AI-powered recommendations that lead to higher conversions and larger orders. These can then be delivered directly to each consumer via desktop, mobile and email.

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The Lily AI Shopper Affinity Profile

Real-time predictive analytics that allow retailers to start personalizing within seconds.

Allison searches
Leather handbags
Search Terms
Less affinity for cloth handbags
View PDP
Affinity for the color green
Filter out Clutches
Less affinity for clutches
Add to Cart
Affinity for cross-body styles
Allison's Recommendations

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences (Epsilon Research)

Customize and optimize for your business.

Lily can optimize for revenue, conversion or any other metric that fits your business needs. Reduce cart abandonment, increase engagement, boost your loyalty and retention rates, reduce returns – or all of the above. We allow retail brands to customize and optimize as they see fit to ensure they’re addressing their most pressing challenges.

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Machine learning that predicts in-session customer intent.

Fragmented and disjointed e-commerce stacks have been missing a universal language that can help present every unique customer what they’re looking for – often even before they know they want it. Stop presenting products according to legacy, out-of-the-box attributes, and instead start presenting products in the personalized language of customers.

Shopper Profile Generation
Segmentation Models
Business and Merchandising Logic
Feature and Candidate Generation and Ranking

Lily AI security posture and certifications

Lily AI is SOC2, Type 1 compliant, with an architecture built to adhere to best security practices. We don’t work with consumer names, addresses nor financial translation information, only using anonymized user interactions on our customers’ e-commerce sites.